Liberty Lies – Confessions Of An Effigy

We Say :- The rock single, now there’s a dying art form. The more antiquated among us will remember those, the good old 7″, two tracks, one on each side of a plastic disk and you had to get out of your chair half way through to turn the thing over.

Ahh, them were the days.

Anyway, dragging myself back into the modern day a recent arrival at CackBlabbath was the new single from Black Country rockers Liberty Lies. Now when I first checked them out a while back they were a band who just seemed to be missing something, there was definite potential but they just didn’t quite have that edge…

Well, fast forward a few months and the band have a new lineup, a new musical direction and a new single called Confessions Of An Effigy. Oh, and an edge, they definitely found their edge.

The “A” side (kids, ask your parents) is the titular Confessions Of An Effigy which hints at just how far Liberty Lies have come. It’s a mature and confident effort which showcases the band’s development into fully fledged home grown rockstars in waiting. It also demonstrates their transformation from their previous blues rock form into something harder and heavier.

Strangely, even on repeated listens I can’t quite shake the impression that Confessions Of An Effigy is very much a track of two halves. The first seems to be angled towards the Kerrang generation, but then things take on a much broader appeal after the half way point.

There’s a direction decision to be made here. Do the band want their audience with spots and emo fringes or beards, I suppose 🙂

But if the A side hints at potential, then for me it’s Beggars Belief on the “B” side that really shows what this band are capable of. Here they deliver something that is much more “Classic Rock” than Kerrang and unashamedly so, it’s a real arena-rocking tune with soulful vocals, a great sound, a skilful degree of variation in the arrangement and some absolutely killer hooks.

You see while the rest of the world has Nickelback, Alter Bridge and Shinedown, here in the UK we’ve not had anything with quite that level of mass-market potential. Well they’ve still got a way to go but there’s certainly nothing here which says that Liberty Lies can’t emulate their heroes and go on to bigger, and I mean much bigger, things.