Dakesis : Trial By Fire

They Say :- Dakesis are a five piece Progressive-Power Metal band from Birmingham, UK. Considered by some as one of the UK’s fastest rising independent artists, they have come a long way since their formation in 2008.

Mixing European power metal influences with home-grown heavy metal, a heavy dose of tongueā€“in-cheek cheese and a fair dash of contemporary Prog to create a unique blend of modern melodic metal.

Emerging from a thriving music scene in the home of metal, the band have achieved much in their time together including high profile support slots with masters of the genre, festival appearances and UK tours and a highly acclaimed self-titled E.P, racking up a rapidly expanding and incredibly devoted fan-base along the way.

We say :- We’ve been waiting expectantly for this one to arrive at CackBlabbath for a while now. We first experienced Dakesis live at our own Twitrfest where they were without doubt one of the highlights, in fact we were so impressed they have been invited back to play again next year. Now it’s probably just as well that they’ve already signed up, ‘cos if Trial By Fire is anything to go by it won’t be too long before they’re waaaay to big for the likes of us.

Dakesis are a band who fully embrace the fun and less po-faced serious side of the Power Metal genre (an approach they describe as “cheese and steel”). At first encounter all of the traditional staples are there, warrior maidens, swords and castles… And that’s just the album art… could do with more cleavage and a dragon but not bad šŸ™‚

Musically the band have worked hard to ensure that Trial By Fire sounds little short of fantastic, there is just so much going on here. I mean how many power metal albums include black metal guest appearances? I think this makes it one, with Well To The End and Into the Light seeing Cardinal Sinne from Christgrinder and Subvertio Deus’ Malaghod lending their vocal talents to proceedings. Friends, Families and members of local bands were also pressed into service in The Choir Of Steel (which features on Broken and To The End) and even their trusty Dodge Ram steel mobile makes a guest appearance in the bonus track 440 King Of The Road.

The album opens with Shield Of Achilies I which sets the scene in the traditional orchestral fashion (so beloved by power metal bands) before the title track kicks in and sweeps you along with guitars riffing and keyboards swirling. Imagine the tempo and energy of traditional European power metal, mix in the melodic sensibilities of Iron Maiden and add some epic Yngwie Malmsteen-esque guitar and you get an idea of what Dakesis are all about.

UK band’s don’t usually do power metal like this, but with Dakesis we may finally have an outfit who can compete with the best that continental Europe has to offer.

Quality, that’s the word. This is a record that makes it clear that all the stops have been pulled out to create something special. I know I mentioned the word “cheese” earlier but there is nothing cheesey about the band’s abilities, they clearly take what they do very seriously and have the talent to back up their vision. The musicianship is top notch as you would expect, but this album confirms that there are also some deep seated songwriting sensibilities on offer too. For me this is typified by the brilliant Broken which has absolutely everything, Gemma Lawler delivering an stunning vocal performance before the song rises to a crescendo topped off by Wayne Dorman delivering a guitar solo that is perfectly in balance with the rest of the track.

Much more than just “the next big thing” of the UK power metal scene, Dakesis are one of the UK’s most promising new bands full stop. Given the enormous appetite there is for this type of music in Europe you get the feeling that Dakesis just need to get Trial By Fire heard in the right circles before we see them off and gracing the stages at the big summer festivals.

Don’t believe us ? Well come to Wakefield for @Twitrfest and find out for yourself.