CB Spotlight : DogState

War baby is the debut release from the London 4 piece by the name of Dogstate. The E.P. gives a quick taste of what the band are all about in a splendid four tracks. Dogstate are Hard Rock/Metallers with straight up heavy riffs and bass lines along with harsh raw rock vocals. Quite often, Dogstate are reminiscent of Orange Goblin, with a barrage of full on rock to throw at you whilst remaining just anthemic enough to hook you in on the choruses.

First track ‘Colt’ is bass heavy with a great raw vocal. You can almost smell the stale beer from the type of dingy rock club or pub that this music is peddled so well in. A great soundtrack to a boozy Friday night if ever there’s been one.

‘War baby’ kicks in with a Pantera style groove until the vocals break out again into another great heavy rocker. It’s not all bass-heavy noise though, there’s some great solo’s weaving through these tracks and songwriting is well above the average for this type of approach.

The final brace of ‘Never Enough’ and ‘I Fall’ work out in a similar way. The latter track slowing it down a peg or two but still delivering the hard rock punch laid down throughout ‘War baby’.

There’s nothing revolutionary here, but there doesn’t need to be. ‘War baby’ is a promising debut by these straight up Hard Rockers who can certainly pen a good tune. This is certainly worth checking out and I imagine the live show will be too!

Band Information :
Band Name : DogState
Year Formed : 2010
Location : King’s Cross, London

Current Lineup :
Rich Garcia – Vocals
Paul Garcia – Bass
Wayne Casserly – Drums
Rich Groom – Guitars

Brief History :
After a number of false starts DogState finally got going Sept 2010. Since then and a drummer later the band has been playing non-stop across the country as well as releasing their debut EP ‘War Baby’ which was produced by Pat Collier (The Vibrators).

Career Highlight :
Dublin Castle – Nov,2010. Great show supporting Furyon and Sinnocence

Live and Unsigned – Area Finals supporting Cancer Bats.

Plans For The Future :
Get on a tour or more, get the second EP finished.

Interesting Stuff :
Languages spoken in the band – English, French, Spannish and bullshit! haha

Ideal tour-mates : Alter Bridge, BLS, Down

Dream rider : JD

DogState on the Web :
Band Website : www.myspace.com/dogstateband
Facebook : www.facebook.com/dogstate
Bigcartel : dogstate.bigcartel.com
Reverbnation : www.reverbnation.com/dogstate