Rob Mancini – Rock N Roll Circus

We Say :- This album was recommended to me by CB’s head honcho Iain. He said that it would be right up my street…. He wasn’t wrong either. The album is a selection of songs from a very wide range of genres across the rock world. It’s extremely well put together too.

I’d never even heard of Rob Mancini before pressing ‘play’ on my MP3 player, but instantly my head was filled with sweet music. It’s the diversity of what’s on offer that really got me though. We have some genuine ‘proggy’ moments at one end of the spectrum and some kick ass rock n roll at the other. In between we are treated to some stuff that reminds me of the ‘hair metal’ from the 80’s and even some AOR thrown in for good measure. Of course that’s just scratching the surface.

Once you delve deeper into the album,you realise that it’s very clever indeed, it also includes possibly one of the best Kate Bush covers I’ve ever heard in the shape of ‘Running Up That Hill’, a very brave thing to attempt. The overall sound is polished, with some big production numbers on there. It’s not over produced though, and on some tracks you can really feel the rawness. It’s a great balance and of course a big nod has to go to the production and mixing team for knowing exactly what to do, and more importantly, when not to do it.

This album is seriously good, and it offers a rich listening experience. It’s one of those records that I would certainly have missed had I not been told about it, and if that had been the case,it would have been a shame. This is actually one of the finest albums I’ve heard in a while, not just because the songs are so good but because, when viewed as a complete work (as I do when reviewing albums), it offers such a diverse range. In that respect it never gets boring, it’s never predictable, and it’s a memorable experience.

If you go through life without ever listening to this album then you’re missing out on something very special, seriously.