Groan live at Twitrfest 2

Groan were, without a doubt, the surprise package of Twitrfest 2. They got their slot on the bill on the back of their impressive “Sleeping Wizard” debut album, and the fact that bassist Leigh gave me a t-shirt at Hard Rock Hell.

Easily bought you see.

It’s fair to say that most of the substantial crowd in the Snooty Fox had never heard of the Thunder Boogie Doom’n’Roll band and their unashamed worship at the altar of Black Sabbath but this was to be a performance that would win them some new friends.

OK, so there may be a bit of Sabbath influence in there, but when it’s delivered with this much style then who is complaining (Well, apart from one attendee who tweeted something about “fucking hippies”, much to the band’s delight). Frontman Mazzereth engaged with the crowd from the off as the band took us on a rocking, rolling musical journey that visited their debut, their split EP with Vinum Sabbatum and the upcoming new album.

Groan treated us to 40 minutes of epic Doom’n’Roll, including tracks about a man who is magic (Magic Man) and a Wizard who is sleeping (Sleeping Wizard).

It’s easy to see where Groan’s influences lie, but they aren’t afraid to have fun with them.Ā  And some how, you just knew at some point Mazzereth would throw this pose….

Considering almost no one in the audience had heard of the band the reception they were getting was incredible, and it was clear that they were enjoying themselves on stage. Groan at Twitrfest is one of those festival moments you just know that you’re going to remember.

And they played the awesome Throne Of Weed, which annoyed the “fucking hippies” tweeter šŸ™‚

At TF it’s fair to say that Groan went down an absolute storm. When I originally put the line up together I wasn’t at all sure what sort of reaction they would get, but in the end I needn’t have been concerned.

They were brilliant.