Valous live at Twitrfest 2

Wakefield’s Snooty Fox was the location for the second annual installment of CackBlabbath’s Twitrfest music festival. After the success of last year’s event in Birmingham expectations were high that this was going to be something a bit special.

Not exactly a small unsigned bands showcase this time around šŸ™‚

The Lineup that CackBlabbath had assembled obviously appealed to the top bods at Total Biker FM, who joined Team Twitrfest and were compering Twitrfest 2, and also streaming the entire gig over the internet to a worldwide audience of thousands.

The honour of kicking things off in 2012 fell to up and coming Birmingham metallers Valous who entertained a substantial crowd that belied their 2pm stage time, no danger of the opening band playing to an empty venue here.

Valous unashamedly hark back to the glory days of British heavy metal where the power of the riff held sway. They draw on a number of the usual suspects influence wise but rather than just sounding like Maiden, or Priest or whoever they succeed in mixing things up and injecting a bit of variety that lifted their performance. Frontman Matt Shutt has an impressive stage presence and constantly engages with the audience, many of whom had made the trek up from the band’s native Birmingham to catch their mid afternoon set.

Like a lot of bands who wear their influences on their sleeves, Valous will be charged that they don’t do anything new, but then they don’t seek to. There is undeniably something of a renaissance of “proper” heavy metal these days and on the strength of this performance Matt, JD and the guys have the musical muscle to push their way to it’s forefront.