Battle Beast – Steel

My first play through of this album left me in a bit of a dilemma. I wasn’t too sure if this was a band that was taking themselves seriously or not. To be honest I’m still not that sure after several more plays though, but I’d like to think that the lyrics are written with just enough tongue in cheek. Musically though, these guys are very serious indeed.

Lyrically, the band seems to be cut from a similar cloth to Manowar, with screaming vocals that sing about battles, war, death and glory, and of course ‘No False Metal’, although not in the same way as those behemoths of true metal got their message across.

It’s hard to describe the sound. I can liken it to nothing I’ve ever heard. Think along the lines of if Manowar, Metal Church, The Darkness, Doro and probably a few others too, all had an orgy, and Battle Beast was the resulting bastard love child. Maybe that’s a bit fucked up, but you have to think outside the box when listening to this album. One thing this band has in spades is POWER, in fact if these guys were a car they’d make a Bugatti Veyron eat their dust. Even Jezza himself would be scared of how much power there is on tap.

The music is full of skull crushing riffs, screaming guitar solos, and vocals that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, all helped along by a pounding rhythm section. They sometimes remind me of something I heard a long time ago, but I can’t for the life of me remember who or what it was.

It’s an age thing I think.

I don’t think Steel was an apt name for the album though, as this release is crafted from a much heavier metal than that. It’s loud, it’s brash, and it’s got an unusual sound, but more to the point, it’s extremely good. I’ve played it through several times and it still hasn’t lost it’s lustre. I was genuinely surprised by this album, and it’s something I’ve enjoyed listening to over and over.

In summary… Go out and buy the bloody thing!!