Dakesis live at Twitrfest 2

You have to love Birmingham Power Metal band Dakesis. You just have to. It’s the law. The band are the prefect antidote to the typical taking-itself-too-seriously UK PowerQuest *cough* I mean Metal.. Power Metal scene.

After their appearance at the first Twitrfest there was no way we were not going to have them on the bill for our second installment. Now Dakesis are a band who always throw everything into their performance, and today was no exception, quite how they managed to fit all their gear onto the relatively small confines of the Snooty Fox stage was a mystery, it certainly didn’t leave much space to move about.

Didn’t impact on their show though….

If Dakesis were good at last years Twitrfest, then this year they were nothing short of awesome. The band have been gigging extensively in support of their debut album Trial By Fire and their live show has been polished to perfection.

Most of the audience were already familiar with Dakesis “cheese and steel” approach to Power Metal, but judging by the expressions on quite a few faces they came as quite a surprise to some, especially the axe shredding performance of frontman / guitarist / all round rock god Wayne Dorman throwing all the axe hero shapes and delivering a passionate, powerful vocal performance.

It has to be said, Dakesis have a stage presence that belies their unsigned status. This is a band who belong in a much bigger arena.

With pyro, Lots of pyro.

Even in the confines of the Fox they are something special, with the colour coded duo of bassist Amie (red hair) and keyboard player / vocalist Gemma (blue hair) flanking the stage while Wayne and fellow guitarist Matt hold the spotlight, two awesome guitarists competing to out-shred each other.

But all the stage presence and polish are nothing if a band doesn’t have the songs to back it up. Not a problem here with future Power Metal classics like Trial By Fire and the “obligatory ballad” Broken demonstrating that Dakesis are a band who combine both style and substance.

Hell they even have a Keytar, what’s not to like ???

Dakesis almost did almost take the overused cliche of a band being “on fire” a little too literally though. The look of terror Matt’s face as the fireworks in the headstock of Wayne’s guitar went off inches from his nose was, frankly, hilarious. (yeah, he got THAT much sympathy from his band mates too).

OK, so things got a bit less funny when the pyro sparks got dangerously close to the band t-shirts that cover the ceiling of the stage. I’m not sure we’d be welcome back if we burnt down the place, wonder if they’re insured for thatĀ  šŸ™‚

Dakesis got the second half of Twitrfest 2 fired up as only they can, it was another brilliant performance on a day that was already shaping up to be something very special.