Jerzey Street Band : Breaking Radio Silence

They Say :- Dave Wrobel wears his influences on his sleeve next to his heart. The dream was to create ‘the sound of Americana’ but far away from those old colonial shores. Described as ‘Freight Train Rock’ or ‘West Coast meets UK Rock’, Dave’s love of Country, Blues, Folk, and Rock & Roll soon drew other like minded musicians to him and fuelled the birth of Alternative Freight Train Rockers Jerzey Street Band. Influences include Counting Crows, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty.

We Say :- Got to love this one, it’s good old fashioned rock and roll. No frills, no gimmicks, just pure unadulterated fun. It’s a very upbeat album which has a real feelgood factor about it. In fact it’s been on in my car for over a week, it’s great music to drive to.

As an album, it’s as strong as any I’ve heard so far this year and the guys sound like they had a lot of fun making it. Nothing sounds pushed, it’s really kind of laid back and it makes things seem very natural. Before long I was foot tapping and chicken pecking along to the music. It’s gets right under you and lifts you up until you react.

It doesn’t let up either.

It’s a fine example of blues/rock with catchy melodies, and some great musicianship. Add the impressive vocals to the mix and you’ve got the complete package, and to be honest a really nice surprise. It caught me completely off guard. Perhaps blues/rock is unfair, perhaps I should describe it as good old RnB (not the modern definition of the term of course). There are some moments that take you back and make you feel almost nostalgic, but it’s not living in the past by any means.

Seriously, do yourself a favour and check these guys out. This is a fantastic album, and it’s certainly worth spending your hard earned cash on. On another note, just listening to the album hints at just how good this band would be live, full of energy, and the ability to play out of their skins. Get off your ass and go see them!