Trucker Diablo live at Twitrfest 2

Well, we must have done something right when we put the lineup together for the first Twitrfest, mainly because most of the bands wanted to come back for part 2. Now as a festival organiser this is about as high praise as you can get, especially given how the profiles of all the bands involved has grown in the past 12 months. I mean why would a band who have signed a worldwide record deal and played Download want to drag themselves across the Irish Sea to play a pub in Wakefield ??

Better ask Trucker Diablo….

Since appearing at last year’s event the big truck has enjoyed an amazing 12 months, which has included worldwide radio play, major support slots with the likes of Black Stone Cherry, that hard won slot at Download and, to cap it all off, a record deal with Ripple.

The Northern Irish rock scene is absolutely booming at the moment, but here at CackBlabbath we’ve always marked Trucker Diablo as the ones who were going to break through to the next level. They’re a band that you just can’t describe in a way that does them justice, southern rock is the label that has stuck but in a morass of wannabe American rock bands Tom and the guys stand out as being the real deal, a band who win new fans with every performance.

As the curtain went up and the lads set about doing what they do, the atmosphere in the Snooty Fox was unreal. Trucker Diablo have gone from being a great live band to being something genuinely special.

They. Were. Rockin’

Trucker seem to have new material every time you see them live, but there are some songs that you just know will be in their set forever. The sing-along that accompanied Drink Beer, Destroy and Juggernaut showed that there were quite a few members of the capacity crowd that are already familiar with their The Devil Rhythm debut album (which has recently had its worldwide “label” release).

Trucker Diablo are a band that just demand that you get up and dance (or in the cases of our mates from TotalBiker FM jump around like loons). This is pure, no bullshit Rock’n’Roll

It says something of their prolific songwriting output that tonight’s set only included those two tracks off the “new” album, plus live favourites like Not So Superstar (AKA Fuck the Rose, about a certain washed up rock star).

It’s something of an honour to be able to put bands like this on our festival, and the amazing crowd reaction showed that we had done the right thing persuading them to make the trip across. The chants of “Big Truck, Big Truck” at the end of their allotted time showed that even after 40 minutes of high octane Rock’n’Roll the crowd were demanding more, but unfortunately time was marching on and the venue curfew was an immovable obstacle.

This is a band that you just know are going to be huge. Once America gets a whiff of them success must surely follow and Trucker Diablo will get to take their particular blend of southern rock back to it’s ancestral seat, and show the Yanks how it should be done.

Go see ’em while you can. I guarantee you WILL NOT regret it.