Bleeding Oath : Bleeding Oath E.P.

We Say :- Hopes were high for the debut E.P. from Terrorizer Magazine’s “Unsigned Band Of The Year”. The hype has been steadily building up around the band, based partly on videos of famous people telling them to fuck off šŸ™‚

Well, the two tracks that make up this EP show exactly what all they buzz is about as Bleeding Oath deliver a stunning example of brutal extremity tempered with quieter, more reflective passages.

What Fortune Gives neatly encapsulates exactly what Bleeding Oath are all about, kicking off with some impressive tech-metal-esque riffing before the demons are let loose. The way the track twists and turns is truly impressive and everything is, for want of a better expression, balanced, the gravel throated growls contrasting with a frankly awesome clean guitar tone. They even manage to slip in something akin to folk metal interlude half way through before normal service is resumed.

The other track on here, Mountains, follows a similar trajectory, except its half way intermission is a really nice little instrumental bit. This is clearly a band who really just aren’t that arsed about sticking to any genre conventions, instead preferring to go off and do their own thing when the mood takes them. There’s seems to be a fashion amongst “progressive” bands these days to make the changes in style as jarring as possible, but here everything is much more cohesive and accessible.

Bleeding Oath have a songwriting ability and power packed delivery that belies their young age. Progressive, intelligent and, when called for, heavy as fuck, in Bleeding Oath we may just have a band to one day challenge the prog-extreme-metal supremacy of Opeth.