Jon Amor Blues Group : Self Titled

They Say :- UK vocalist and guitarist Jon Amor, formerly of award-winning British band The Hoax, has joined forces with long-time collaborators Dave Doherty, Chris Doherty and Simon Small to form Jon Amor Blues Group. Drawing inspiration from the Blues greats of the past like Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, as well as more contemporary acts like Black Keys and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the group’s sound is powerful, raw and uncompromising.

Having spent the last ten years honing his skills as a song-writer and solo performer, Amor returns to his blues roots with Jon Amor Blues Group and the band is the perfect vehicle for the guitar-playing which brought him to prominence with The Hoax during the nineties.

We say :- Jon Amor has been on the music circuit for around 20 years or so. Having been with blues band The Hoax for around 10 years in the 90’s, he’s continued to work and collaborate with a lot of musicians. This album is the first release by this current group and it was recorded over a week or so in the middle of nowhere.

The album itself, is a ‘warts and all’ affair. There’s minimal post production which gives everything a raw feel. It’s as down and dirty as it gets, and I love that really gritty blues groove. It offers the simplicity and energy of a live show in your living room. It grabs you from the off taking you inside and letting you feel the vibe through every inch of your body.

This is pure electric blues, and we all know there’s there’s nothing quite like a well played blues solo, it’s the epitome of guitar music. There’s nothing that offers more emotion and feeling, you only have to listen to the true blues greats to hear what I mean.

Is it a good album though? The answer to that question is a resounding YES! It’s a seriously good blues album make no mistake about that. It’s been stripped bare, with only the really essential elements being put into it. You can liken it to a great plate of food. If you add a lot of ingredients it can make for a really good dish but if you do something really simple, everything has to be done perfectly or it’s ruined. This album is very simple, and it definitely isn’t ruined, that’s for sure. It’ll definitely make you get your groove on and, what’s more, it’s a whole heap of fun to listen to.

It’s brilliantly simple, and simply brilliant. Nuff said.