Antlered Man : Giftes Part 1 And 2

They Say :- The laws of probability dictate that living in Bermondsey leads to a high chance of spending your life getting twatted at the weekend in between the 9 to 5 grind. Forming a heavy rock band in this part of the world makes you somewhat of an anomaly and that’s just how Antlered Man like it.

The band have always lived a nomadic, hand to mouth existence and squandered their limited earnings on various botched musical campaigns. Now with the economic downturn hitting our pockets hard, we’re all preparing for a taste of what it’s like to be in Antlered Man and this is one of many themes mused in debut album “Giftes 1&2”.

We Say :- You know when you listen to something and the first thought that goes through your mind is “this is bonkers” ? Well the debut release form the Bermondsey 4 piece certainly smacks you in the chops with it’s oddness right from the off.

In the best POSSIBLE way.

There’s more than a touch of the schizophrenic about this, the all-too-easy comparison is to Mike Patton’s weirder outpourings but it’s not that simple, there’s more than a whiff of 70s English prog rock floating around, with Gabriel era Genesis-esque changes in rhythm and tempo aplenty. Well that’s when it’s not being all out and out me(n)tal or even Indie rock…

Finally get to use the word “eclectic” in a review 🙂

Lyrically, the band wear their politics (or rather despair at modern politics) on their sleeve, The single Surrounded By The White Man including lyrics like “Daddy buys me anything, Presidency, Oil Company”.

You get the idea.

It’s difficult to know just how seriously to take Antlered Man, track titles like Can’t Beat Them, Try Solvents and Platoono Of Uno indicating a less than serious approach, or maybe they’re just being enigmatic. Or Not. Whatever.

Giftes Part 1 And 2 is a really enjoyable album which has oodles of interesting little musical and lyrical touches and it certainly keeps you listening, never settling down into any recognisable pattern for very long. If you like your music arty, unusual and occasionally unhinged, then this is an album well worth checking out.

I love it, lots.