Hawkwind : Onward

They Say :- Onward, the new Studio album from legendary mavericks: Hawkwind. Recorded at Earth Studios, the eagerly awaited follow-up to Blood of the Earth (2010 Eastworld records) encapsulates the band in full creative flight with a lavish collection of new music featuring: sound tracks for internet warfare, mantraā€™s for self realization and electrical systems checks. Revealing ancient prophecies, aligning constellations, urban violence and touchy feely robots. Unfolding harsh primordial soundscapes heralding a new green millennium.

We Say :- Hawkwind are one of the most significant names in the annals of rock music. The band have been around since, virtually, the dawn of time and yet they are still turning out albums, still touring pretty much constantly and still entertaining an army of fans who have grow up listening the the band.

The album opens with Seasons, which is “Classic” Hawkwind, trademark Space Rock with the swirling Theremin, synthesisers and sound effects are all present and correct, sweeping you along in overlapping waves of sound and texture. There are also the space opera-esque asides that we’ve come to expect, the little spoken word skit of System Check narrating a space ship’s diagnostic check.

Told you they were odd šŸ™‚

As you listen to Onward you get the feeling that it’s very much the soundtrack to something, one element of a greater whole that will only become apparent when experienced as part of one of the band’s shows. These occasions are part gig and part multimedia extravaganza and it’s only in this environment that you will fully appreciate everything that’s going on.

One thing that occurred to me listening to this album for the first time was how in places it felt reminiscent of Robert Calvert’s solo Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters album (if you’ve never heard it, go find a copy. It’s in my top 10 albums EVER). Onward has got the same sort of theatrical feel. It’s an impression not exactly hindered by the inclusion of Aero Space Age, a reworked and extended version of The Aerospaceage Inferno from Calvert’s 1974 classic.

It’s safe to say that Hawkwind don’t have anything to prove to anyone, they have a degree of creative freedom to go out and do whatever the hell they want, immune to the comings and goings of trend and fashion. With Onward they have proved, once again, that they can still deliver.