Step In Fluid : One Step Beyond

They Say :- Imagine saturated sounds with a special groove, imbued with melodies from Jazz and African music. STEP IN FLUID proposes a certain vision of rock music, through a sound with a personal approach to the composing. This music is the result of a deep cultural mix. Originally, the project took shape following the idea of refusing to belong to any given kind of music.

We Say :- It’s been an interesting week for slightly odd music here at CackBlabbath, and that’s a trend that continues with One Step Beyond, the debut release from French “Jazz Core” band Step In Fluid.

Right, so where to start with this one then….

Well, first of all there is no point trying to pin this down into any one genre, so lovers of pigeon holing everything look away now. The music is definitely built a Jazz foundation, the ever changing beats and staccato rhythms making for an interesting basis on which Step In Fluid can weave their magic.

The band say that this music is the result of a mix of cultures and influences, and that’s difficult to argue with. Guitarist and composer Harun Demiraslan takes influences as diverse as Meshuggah, jazz-rock, funk, hip-hop and African music. Throw in some impressive tech-metal guitar work and you have a recipe for something that could end up as a confused mess, but somehow doesn’t.

As instrumental albums go, this is one of the most listenable ones I’ve heard recently. It’s not some obscure off the wall exercise in arty jazz, nor is it some virtuoso guitarist’s self indulgent wank fest. Instead it’s something simply listen to, a pleasant noise to have on in the background while you’re doing something else…

Like writing this review.

One Step Beyond is an album with a substantial cross genre appeal and it gets better with each listen. Unlike other bands who have attempted this and ended up appealing to no one, Step In Fluid have mixed in their wide and varied influences and produced something quite special.