Virgil and The Accelerators : The Radium

Virgil and the AcceleratorsThe first thing I did before listening to this was to dig out the EP from these guys called And So It Begins from way back when. The band has gone through a bit of a line up change since then, but have stayed very true to their roots.

That said though, for anyone that’s heard the aforementioned EP, The Radium is an entirely different league. To say that the band has grown would be an understatement, they’re so good now that here at CackBlabbath we reckon they must have mutated!

This album is a slab of blues/rock with much emphasis on the ‘rock’ and it’s a million miles away from their tentative beginnings. To be completely honest, I was absolutely blown away by just how good this album is. I knew it was going to be something special, as these guys have been on the circuit for quite some time, honing their skills with a relentless touring schedule but I had absolutely no idea it would be this good… seriously.

Ok I’ll admit to being a bit of a fanboy but when music is this good, it’s hard to be objective. The album is full of heavy riffs, emotional guitar solos, and silky smooth vocals. The rhythm section keeps everything tight, and in some places you can hear the stamp of the bass and percussion on the songs, like they’re leading the band. The bluesier moments are just sublime, with the guitar being the star of the show, and exuding quality musicianship.

This is a finely crafted album, and I’d say it’s an essential work for anyone that loves the heavier side of blues, the bluesier side of rock, or for those people that just love great music for exactly what it is.

There are no gimmicks, no frills, and it gives everything to you straight up, and it delivers on all counts. Now go and buy it!