Furyon : Gravitas

Furyon GravitasOk, ok, ok. We know that the debut album from Brighton’s finest, Furyon, has been out for well over a year now but, with this re-release, including a couple of bonus acoustic tracks, we at CackBlabbath thought it would be a decent idea (because we’re nice like that) to dive back into the heady delights of Gravitas.

We would, it’s fair to say, be somewhat surprised if, as a reader of ours, you weren’t already familiar with the brilliance of the band, given we have been pretty vocal supporters of them (they have honoured us by headlining both Twitrfests of course) and you’ve probably got a copy of this record already but in the slight off chance that you don’t, then what can you expect from this debut?

Simply, this is one of the most compelling, brilliant and memorable debuts by a British heavy rock band in years. Gravitas is a debut album that, as time passes, sounds more and more like a greatest hits record, such is the strength of the songs from dynamic opening to evocative, almost progressive, end.

The songwriting and playing is uniformly excellent throughout: doubtless you will already have your own personal favourites but if we do have to nominate highlights then may I seek your indulgence to offer the following:opening track Disappear Again that has a hook so memorable there’s probably some government regulation against it; the enormous riff laden Don’t Follow that you almost think was written to be played very loud in stadia across the globe. Equally you could opt for the more melancholic and prog influenced Desert Suicide or the punchy Voodoo Me. But, but, but…

Let’s talk about Souvenirs shall we? If you look in the dictionary of metal there is, I bet you, a picture of the band playing this song next to the phrase “stone cold classic”. It is, by turns, epic, dramatic, mood laden, and stirring. It also rocks like the proverbial mutha. Which is what you want at the end of the day isn’t it?

What I especially love about Gravitas is the sense of drama, of ambition, of confidence and scale. Today, there are so many bands that seem apologetic about their art, almost embarrassed to have entered your life. With Furyon, it’s the exact opposite. They are far from arrogant but they understand, almost instinctively, the power of music to enthral, excite and motivate. Gravitas is a debut that the band are doubtless proud of; Furyon are a band who we can be proud of also. Stunning, absolutely bloody stunning.