Hawk Eyes : Ideas

You know that wonderful, glorious moment when you listen to something for the first time and it just grabs you, demanding your full attention and refusing to let go ??

Well… that.

Hawkeyes are a band that have been receiving some rave reviews for their live performances, and although I have never had the pleasure of catching a show if the 11 tracks that go to make up Ideas are anything to go by then it’s definitely something to look forward to.

There will always be a big space in CackBlabbath’s collective heart for proper Rock’n’Roll with proper riffs, proper vocals and proper songs played, well, properly. Combine that with an ability to mix things up a bit and we’re pretty much in acoustic bliss, and this is something that definitely ticks all those boxes.

The album opener, Witch Hunt, starts off with a slightly out of focus riff which gives way to a pumping stadium filling vibe that you just can’t help getting involved in. Tap your foot, bang your head, whatever… it’s music you just can’t sit still to.

This is as fine an example of a band walking the rock / metal divide as I’ve heard in ages. Think QOTSA after a night listening to Sabbath, but with massive extra helpings of infectious energy. Honestly, listening to this can leave you breathless by the time you’re half way through the second track Skyspinners.

Hawk Eyes are clearly a band bristling with, erm, ideas and Ideas is a beautifully balanced album with more accessible tracks mixed in with what can only be described as more “extreme” songs (particularly Milk Hog and, to a lesser extent, Kiss This).

Is it too wide a range ??

Well if you’re not a fan of shouty metal then you may find some of the stuff on here not entirely to your taste, but for me the balance works really well, the album builds to a crescendo then gives your senses a reprieve as it draws towards it’s close which shows that thought has gone into how the whole thing hangs together as a complete work, and not just as a collection of tracks.

In case you couldn’t tell, I REALLY like this album. So far it’s been a year with a load of good albums, but not many truly great ones. Well with Ideas Hawk Eyes have released something that definitely sits in the “great” category.