Danny Bryant’s Red Eye Band : Night Life

Now I like a good live album. In fact some of my favourite albums of all time have been live albums, so good things were expected from this, the eighth offering from Danny Bryant, and it’s a glimpse into the world of one of Britain’s finest blues guitarists of this generation.

Yeah I like blues/rock as you may have guessed and this album is very much a “what you hear is what you get” kind of thing. There’s hardly any post production, and throughout the whole album you can almost feel like you are actually there listening to the band live. It gives off a whole heap of raw energy, enveloping you in its majesty and taking you away on wave upon wave of beautiful guitar music.

This guy can seriously play the guitar and vocally it’s pure soulful emotion which just adds to the whole feeling of the entire set. In places it’s quite heavy with some great rock infused guitar and at other times everything is peeled back and laid bare.

It sucks you in though, and it keeps you interested.

Some live albums are very hit and miss affairs, not leaving any lasting impression, but this on the other hand just keeps building from the opening track so that by the end of it you feel just like you’ve experienced something very personal. It’s that connection between the audience and the musician that is so often lost in the making of a live album but this one succeeds in going beyond the audience that was there on the night, and reaching out to anyone who may be listening to it long after the event has passed.

This is a showcase of just how a live album should be done. It’s well executed, and moreover it’s packed from beginning to end, with some of the finest guitar playing you’re ever likely to hear.

Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself, and then tell me what you think.