Norwegian Cello-Punk ?? That’s Honningbarna

Foto: Siv June Tendenes

What is it about Norway and punk rock. Must be the long, cold winters, or all the fjords, or something. Well, alongside CackBlabbath favourites Sassy Kraimspri there is a new, unpronounceable, name in the Scandinavian scene.

Say hello to Honningbarna….

The band have already caused quite a stir with live  shows at Iceland Airwaves, by:Larm and Roskilde and now they’re heading over to the UK and Ireland to spread the word.

Musically, well it’s probably best described as slightly oddball (Cello and a nice sweater anyone ??) punk with hardcore, folk metal, post-punk and whatever else they feel like chucking into the mix. The press people reckon that “In places it’s like you’re listening to a much skinnier, much younger Fucked Up”.  and we’d kind of go with that. Whatever it is, there’s no denying it’s energetic and slightly mental.

There are similarities to Kverlertak in there too, although that may just be an impression given by the fact that both bands sing in foreign.

Honningbarna have some stuff available on their SoundCloud page for your listening pleasure, so head over there and see what we’re on about. If you like what you hear there are some UK live shows planned in April.

These are the dates:

10th April at Whelan’s in Dublin
11th April at The Shackwell Arms, London
12th April at Wide Days, Edinburgh