Ripple Records seem to have a knack for uncovering the best new talent for their Label. As you will know if you have been paying attention they signed CackBlabbath favourites Trucker Diablo last year, joining a roster that included English rockers Grifter.

Now, you know those bands who play in a highly technical style and use their music to show off their technical prowess ?? Well Grifter are emphatically NOT one of those. Nope, not at all. Instead Grifter are a chugging rock’n’roll machine, stripped down, laid bare and bringing their mountain sized riffs to anyone who will listen.

Southern Rock meets Sabbath meets a strong, down and dirty stoner vibe. What’s not to love ???

And it’s the power of the riffs that sets this lot apart from the legions of Zakk Wylde wannabes… The title of their 2008 EP is as powerful a mission statement as any band could ever make, and a rule by which others should learn to live..

The Simplicity Of The Riff Is Key

Band Name : Grifter

Home Town / Region : Plymouth/South West

Year Formed : 2003

Current Lineup :

Ollie – Guitar/Vocals
Phil – Bass
Foz – Drums/Backing vocals

Brief History :

Formed at the end of 2003 as a 4 piece, we played our first gig after 2 months and the singer promptly left. We’ve been a 3 piece ever since and have played the length and breadth of the country.

We released our first demo, “Elephantine” in 2005. Then released two EPs, “High Unholy Mighty Rollin'” on Fury 76 Records in 2008 and “The Simplicity Of The Riff Is Key” on catacomb Records in 2010.

In 2010 we signed with californian label Ripple Music and released the double split 7″, “Heavy Ripples” in 2011 alongside Stone Axe, Sun Gods In Exile and Mighty High.

Our debut, self titled album was released in October 2011 to amazing reviews and made several end of year best album lists on a number of websites.

Career Highlight :

Releasing the album

Touring with Sun Gods In Exile in 2010

Including a track from the album on Classic Rock magazine’s October cover mount CD

Future Plans :

Touring with Orange Goblin as theor main support in the UK at their invitation in April 2012

Gigs in Belgium in May then playing the Freak valley festival in Germany alngside Colour Haze, Gentlemans Pistols and My Sleeping Karma

Recording a second album for Ripple Music

Tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about the band :

We travel the country in a 20 year old Bedford Midi van called The Swollen Goat bought for £200 off Ebay and painted matt black…it originally came with a wheelchair lift!!!

Who would be your ideal tour-mates ?

Clutch…or ZZ Top

And what would be on the rider ?

Guinness, pants, more Guinness and directions to a decent kebab shop.

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