4Bitten : Delirium

There hasn’t been a lot of good news coming out of Greece recently, but thankfully amongst all the austerity, financial turmoil and political stalemate some things are carrying on as normal. But then it’ll take more than economic meltdown to stop 4Bitten producing kick ass Rock’n’Roll.

Here at CackBlabbath we’ve been following this band since we first encountered them at Rocksector Records’ SOS festival in Manchester a couple of years back, it was a captivating performance where, for us, they stole the show with their attitude driven classic r’n’r.

Yep, fair to say we’ve been waiting for this one for a while…..

4Bitten are a band who are not short on raw talent, Gus G may be the famous face of Greek metal guitar, but in George 4Bitten have an axe hero of their very own, and one who can give his more famous countryman a run for his money in the shredding stakes. I mean, wait ’til you check out the solo in Jaded in particular, It’s proper goosebump inducingly good. It’s Michael Schenker good.

Yep. That good.

Now, this is where the review gets difficult to write as I try to avoid all the “female fronted rock band” cliches. But what can I say, Fofi Roussos has an incredible voice. God this girl can sing, with a range that extends from powerful and passionate through emotional and soulful to gravel edged downright sexyness.

So… a solid rhythm section, a great guitarist and an awesome vocalist. What more do you need ??

Oh, right, songs….

Well fear not, as 4Bitten are master tunesmiths, harking back to the days when the likes of Heart and Bon Jovi ruled the world with big choruses and bigger hooks. It’s refreshing to hear someone new breaking through and doing that kind of “grown up” rock without sounding like an 80s covers band, but 4Bitten manage that. Oh, and this is an album chock full of proper chart bothering potential.

Honestly, I thought that writing “mainstream” rock songs of this quality was a dead art but apparently not.

The band’s last album showed a great deal of promise, but Delirium is better in every imaginable way. If there is any justice in world 4Bitten are going to go on and be massive.