Human Cull

What do you get if you mix good old fashioned Crust and Grind with the more extreme, erm, extremes of 90s hardcore ? Well, obviously, you get an unholy fucking noise that takes no prisoners.

What else would you expect?

Human Cull have a mixture of frenetic brutality and, well, more frenetic brutality that crashes out of the speakers and, sets about you like a psychopath with an angle grinder. Think old school Napalm Death meets Naathrakh and you’ll not be a million miles away.

Nice to see some new blood in the UK Grind scene, especialy when they deliver as well as this…

Band Name : HUMAN CULL
Home Town / Region : Exeter / UK
Year Formed : 2007

Current Lineup :
Edd – Guitar/Vocals
Morrish – Bass
Sam – Drums/Vocals

Brief History :
Started off in 2007 under the name GRAN TOUCHER. Released a few demo’s. Did a very well received ep entitled HUMAN CULL. Decided to to rename the band to HUMAN CULL after reducing themselves to a 3 piece. Signed to Goatprayer Records – & released ‘Split Second Extinction’

Career Highlight :
We’ve shared the stage with acts such as Napalm Death, Black Breath, Wormrot, Witch Cult, Grave Desecrator, Vulcano & Unsu to name a few

Future Plans :
Continue to tour, hopefully do a Euro tour later in the year.
Do a couple of splits.
Tour some more.
Do another album
Then tour some more.

Tell us something interesting / amusing / stupid about the band :
How much more amusing can you get then a band that where called Gran Toucher

Who would be your ideal tour-mates ?
Napalm Death / Amebix / Brutal Truth / Crass / Insect Warfare / Any decent crust/grind bands really

And what would be on the rider ?
Petrol money & some drinks. Some cup cakes would be interesting. Human Cull are a Grind band. They only care about show not the rider.

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