Kyrbgrinder Live at Hammerfest IV

Kyrbgrinder Live at Hammerfest by CackBlabbath

Sometimes, I don’t understand how festivals work out who plays where and what the running order is going to be. I’m sure there are negotiations in the months leading up to the event with all the management and PR companies vying to get their bands on the bigger stages, but I still can’t think of any good reason that Kyrbgrinder weren’t on the second stage later on. I mean, lets look at the facts…

1) Their Cold War Technology album is BRILLIANT.

2) They are playing headline shows up and down the UK

3) The Queen Vic was packed to capacity while they were on,

Kyrbgrinder are not your typical rock band, with the center stage being dominated by a drum kit from where, flanked by guitarist Tommy Carris andĀ  uber-cool bassist Dave Lugay, Johanne James fronts the band.

Now there is just no way that Johanne should be this entertaining. OK, so we all know that he is a multi-award winning drummer but he also has an impressive voice, and even stuck behind his kit he has a stage presence that is nothing short of captivating.

The size of the crowd in the pub is testament to the Kyrb’s ever growing popularity and today they certainly don’t hold disappoint, if there’s a band that personify precision and power then it’s these guys.

It’s easy to stay focused on Johanne, but that’s not to detract from the rest of the band. Now I know it’s contentious to compare musicians, particularly guitarists, as everyone has their favourite, but I reckon that describing Tommy Carris as one of the best axe-men of the weekend would not be an entirely indefensible position.

So come on Hammerdudes, bigger stage next time, eh šŸ˜‰