Mitch Laddie : Burning Bridges

Having been blown away by Mitch Laddie’s debut album This Time Around, I have been awaiting this one with baited breath. Hailed as “The best young guitarist in the world” by blues legend Walter Trout (who incidentally has added some sleeve notes to this album) everyone who’s ever heard Mitch knew that album number two was going to be a natural progression, and something very special.

I said to a friend of mine that if this one was even half as good as the first album it’d be stunning, and he told me that it was even better. That only went on to increase my yearning to listen to it for myself.

Well, Having listened to Burning Bridges several times, I can confirm that he was quite correct. This album is nothing short of astonishing.

On this album Mitch shows a maturity in both songwriting and playing that truly belies his age. When he’s playing, you can close your eyes and be transported away, it flows perfectly, with every single note following from the last exactly the way it should. On the slower tracks Mitch injects so much feeling and emotion into what he’s doing, but when he lets fly and starts shredding you almost feel sorry for the neck of that poor guitar.

Mitch’s vocals are soulful, and to me they seem more rounded than on the first record. I think his vocal range has increased slightly, and he’s getting a lot more power into the delivery too. He was already pretty good, but Burning Bridges sees Mitch improve in just about every way he could.

On top of all of that, all he cares about is the music. He’s humble, honest and has an unbelievable talent, but he’ll never admit to that himself. This is destined to be one of the most important blues albums of 2012 so you best get in on the action as soon as it’s released or you’ll definitely be missing out.