Dwellers : Good Morning Harakiri

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve received a real psychedelic, tripped out extravaganza here at CackBlabbath, but that has been more than made up for by the recent arrival of Good Morning Harakiri, the latest release from Salt Lake City natives The Dwellers.

The album opens with Secret Revival, and it is immediately obvious that you are in for something a bit special (or very odd, depending on your point of view). It’s a washed out, trippy mix of Psychedelic slide guitars, a progressive vibe and vocals that are low down in the mix until they become part of, rather than dominating, the band’s ever shifting soundscape.

Black Bird follows on in a similar vein, albeit with a slightly more conventional feel. The rumbling low end is still there and  Singer / Guitarist Joey Toscano’ s fuzz drenched guitar is once again very much to the fore but this time the result is much more accessible.

And so it goes on, there is never much in the way of variety from the basic formula, but then again would you expect there to be ? That’s not to say that it’s lacking in variety by any means, the vibe (and the tempo) is pretty much in a constant state of tripped out flux, but it never disrupts the overall flow of the album.

Clocking in at a smidge over 40 minutes in length, Good Morning Harakiri falls on the right side of the leave ’em wanting more / overstaying it’s welcome divide, and the memorable hooks and fascinating song structures will definitely give this a listening longevity that wouldn’t be there otherwise.

This is something that it’s easy to love. The pervasive down tuned distortion, the heavy stoner vibe and Toscano’s well fitting and measured vocal delivery combining to produce something where an apparent simplicity belies a band who deliver a taut, beautifully balanced, performance.

And 2012 continues to be a fantastic year for music….