Seita : Asymmetric Warfare

First off, credit where credit is due…. Asymmetric Warfare is a brilliant title for an album. Must be quite difficult to come up with something that stands out, but for me it’s one of the titles of the year.

Right, moving on to the music…

Seita are a 4 piece band based in Amsterdam, but originally hail from Brazil, and if there’s such a thing as a “Brazillian Metal” sound then Seita definitely possess it. Now when you hear that a band from there are playing proper, old school thrash metal with deathly overtones you’d be forgiven for immediately thinking “right, so they sound like Sepultura then”…..

And you’d be sort of right, but since when was that a bad thing ?

Judging by the music that has come out of South America’s biggest up-and-coming economy, the political situation is not quite as rosy as you may think. The land of ” contradictions, passion & violence” provided fertile grounds for Max Cavalera’s lyrical and thematic concepts, and they also provide rich pickings for Seita.

Now obviously music like this needs the right set of lungs to top it all off, and with Michel Gambini Seita are not found wanting as he delivers an impassioned, aggressive performance.

Yep, that’s the word, aggressive.

For me, Seita are at their best when they really let rip, Know Your Enemies in particular showcasing a band pouring power and passion into every aspect of what they do. The comparative lack of the “tribal” elements that characterised early Sepultura may be expected, but are conspicuous by their absence here. The result is that although it similar in execution to Seita’s more illustrious countrymen, Asymmetric Warfare never sounds like the work of a band with no ideas of their own.

As debut albums go, this is a corker. Fast, precise, heavy and aggressive, what’s not to like ?