Hemina : Synthetic

Where to start with this…

Ok, Hemina are a Prog Rock band from Australia, albeit one with a heavier sound than most other prog bands. I’m not a prog fan per sé, but I thought what the hell it might be ok, right?

Well actually, I found it better than ok, a lot better in fact. I think what I like most about it is how each song builds it’s own musical landscape. If you close your eyes, and imagine yourself looking down, you can see a whole new world being formed below, right in front of you.

Either that or I’m just REALLY weird…..

One thing I never liked that much about prog bands,was the fact that the instrumentals always got boring and were always too much of the same thing. Well while there are some very long tracks on this album I found a lot less of that particular pitfall. A lot of the guitar work reminds me at times of Satriani, but not to the point as to be plagiarist of course. The longer tracks on this album are truly epic, with blistering guitar solos, and trippy keyboards.

Some of the shorter tracks are really heavy too, which gives the album a more wholesome sound. It’s definitely not one dimensional that’s for sure. At times I was reminded of Wishbone Ash too, it’s strange how listening to something can take you off to another place entirely. That’s not a bad thing though, as any music should be a journey and this is no exception. There are twists and turns aplenty, and it’s in no way predictable.

I could go on and on and list other bands or artists that this album reminded me of, but that would make for some very uninteresting reading, and uninteresting is not an adjective that this album should be associated with. It managed to hold my attention for it’s entire span, so musically this is very good indeed. There is also a great mix of vocal styles on here too and each is suited to it’s particular track perfectly, even when different styles are mixed on the same track nothing sounds out of place.

Australia it seems is an untapped market for UK music fans. There are many great bands there  but a lot of them we don’t hear of and, going by some current evidence, this is a very bad thing. Perhaps it may be time to change that.

Hemina are a very good rock band, and this is a very good album, and you would be very good if you went out and bought it, so what exactly are you waiting for?