Lewis Hamilton & The Boogie Brothers : Empty Roads

Right then, first up, this is NOT another string to the F1 driver’s bow. No, Lewis and the guys hail from Scotland and this is their new album, the follow up to Gambling Machine. It’s a massive chunk of blues tinged rock with whiskey soaked vocals.

What’s more…. it’s bloody brilliant.

There’s a great mix of tempos on the album from the slow burning pure blues to to the faster rock tracks with some great grooves. It keeps you guessing and it’s extremely well put together. Musically, these guys are VERY talented. I love the sound of a blues guitar solo and on this album there are some of the finest that I’ve heard anywhere. On the slower tracks where the rest of the musicians hold back a bit, to make the guitar just that bit more prominent, the overall effect is beautifully done. The harder tracks are awesome too though, as the whole band comes together in perfect harmony.

Gambling Machine promised great things, and as a follow up album this raises the bar to new heights. As a collective work this is one of the finest blues albums I’ve heard so far this year and what’s more it came as a complete surprise, having arrived in the post out of the blue. I like happy accidents, and this was exactly that.

Empty Roads will take you on a winding journey, and if you close your eyes you can imagine yourself just blasting down a meandering country road on (or in) whatever mode of transport takes your fancy. If there is any justice in the world then this album should be huge as it’s just sublime. Yeah, I absolutely love it, and honestly I was taken aback by just how good it actually is.

If you’re a blues fan, then this album is a must. If you’re a rock fan, then check these guys out, as they’re something a little bit different. If though, like me, you just enjoy honest music, played by excellent musicians, then this album should be right up your street. So what are you waiting for? Go out and buy it already!