Basick Records : Barley’s Charity Hike.

Although we’re sure sitting in a bath of baked beans would be easier, Basick Records head Nathan ‘Barley’ Phillips is doing something a bit more, erm, energetic. Rather than enjoying the delights of Download, he’ll be walking 100 miles in 7 days. CackBlabbath spoke to Barley to find out, well, if he’s gone completely mental. Frankly.

Forgot to ask him “Why Barley ?” though. Bugger.

Rather than standing in a muddy field at Download, you’ll be walking round Cornwall, what on earth for ?

Yep, that’s right – gutted to be missing Download this year as the lineup is awesome, but for my sins, I’ll be hiking along the coast of Cornwall in order to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK!

So what exactly is the challenge, rumour has it you’ll be covering 100 miles ?

The challenge is, hiking around the Southwest Coastal Path from Padstow to Land’s End, which is just over 100 miles. It should be pretty intense and I’m starting to get the feeling that I may had bitten off a little more than I can chew!

But wouldn’t you cover almost that walking between the stages at Download 😉 ?

You know what, that’s probably true – maybe next year we can get people to sponsor us to go to Download instead 😉

How do you train for something like that ?

Training has been quite tough, usually due to time restraints more than anything – unfortunately, hiking isn’t like distance running or cycling; it takes you bloody ages to get anywhere! So, finding the time out of your working week to get out on regular hikes can be quite tricky, as they usually end up taking up a big part of your day. Just recently we completed the first part of John Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ hike, which was 45-50 miles over 3 straight days. So there goes your bank holiday!

How long do you reckon it’s going to take you to complete the trek ?

Well, we’ve allowed ourselves 7 days. We’re heading down to Cornwall on the train next Thursday, staying over at a pub in Padstow that night and then trekking out first thing Friday morning to Treyarnon Bay. Saturday we hike to Newquay, Saturday to Perranporth and so on, until we (hopefully!) hit Land’s End the following Friday.

It’s along the Southwest Coastal Path, I hope you’ve got decent waterproofs ?

Hah! Yep, we’re going to need to prepare for all sorts of weather systems and climates no doubt… Hopefully it will be nice and sunny though, so we can jump into the sea when it gets too hot 😉

And the route is worked out with regular pub stops I assume ?

Well, you know, we are in Cornwall so it would be rude not too…

In truth though, we actually have to be pretty careful with how much liquid we take on board, especially the alcoholic kind!

And It’s all in aid of Cancer Research ? Is that a cause close to your heart ?

Unfortunately I lost two of my grandparents last year, as well as my own Mother being diagnosed with cancer (and beating it I’m happy to say!), so it’s something that has been all too apparent in my life of late.

I know it’s probably a tired old cliché, but you really don’t understand how this thing can turn your life upside down until you’re in the middle of it all. Watching those closest to you battling with cancer every day and then sometimes deteriorating and ultimately losing their life to it, can be really tough.

It really is one of the most upsetting and disgusting things to exist on this great earth, so the sooner we can fully understand and overcome it, the better.

And how can the big hearted readers of CackBlabbath donate to this worthy cause ?

If anyone would be interested in donating or just finding out more about our adventures, they can do so here:

Any and all donations would be gratefully received – thank you!

And, finally, it’s not your first major charitable undertaking is it ? I mean, you did give a record deal to Bury Tomorrow.