Thin Lizzy : Classic Album Collection

Ahhh, reissue box sets, now there’s a thing that can divide opinion. Whether you view them as a great way to quickly acquire a bands entire back catalogue, a record company cash in, or a way to finally replace all the various albums, CDs and Cassettes you have lying around there’s no denying that it’s an increasingly popular way to re-release old material.

11th June this year saw the release of Thin Lizzy’s Classic Album Collection. Each of the 6 CDs in this collection is packaged as a mini-LP, including a little booklet to accompany the release, and following on form the first two of these (Thin Lizzy and Motorhead) I suspect there will be more to come.

Now I’m not about to review each of the 6 albums which go to make up this collection. To be honest if you’re interested in the sort of music that we at CackBlabbath typically witter on about then you’ll already have at least one of these, if not all. But if you don’t, then this is the perfect way to get up to speed I guess.

Now the first thing to say about the albums here, is although they are undeniably classics, they are not a complete “early days” set, missing out the band’s first three releases and taking up the story with 1974’s Nightlife. The collection spans the years between 74 and 79, up to Black Rose, and pretty much includes every Thin Lizzy song that most of us know, including Whiskey In The Jar, Rosalie and my favourite Lizzy Track, Still In Love With You.

The god thing about this collection, and the others in the series, is that they’re not padded out with expensive tat that you’ll look at once then never bother with again. The other good thing is that because the packaging in minimalist, it’ll fit on your CD shelf šŸ™‚

The other feature that makes this a compelling purchase, even if you laready have some of the albums in here, is the price. Ā£15 at the Boxset Store.

Yep, Ā£15 for 6 albums packed with some of the very best in classic rock, so what are you waiting for ?