Deride : The Void

Dear Norway, please stop monopolising excellent heavy metal bands. Lots of Love, the rest of the world.

After an extended hiatus, Norwegian downtuned thrashers Deride are well and truly back with their third studio album The Void, and it’s more than a bit good. In an era where albums get longer and more bloated with unnecessary fat, The Void is a 35 minute, 10 track exercise in “get in, break necks, get out” thrash metal simplicity.

I mean no one ever listened to Reign In Blood and thought, it’s OK, but I wish it was a bit longer….

As with many bands, it’s been a change in personnel that has brought about a revival in fortunes, and new vocalist Per Helge Lande certainly has something a bit extra about him. Possessing more than just a “normal” thrash metal voice he has a growling, death metal edge that, to use a hideous cliche, fits the band’s music perfectly.

As with all the best Thrash albums, there is the odd moment of lighter relief, and to be honest some of my favourite moments on this one come when the band aren’t working flat out, and the (slightly) different feel that comes into play on the second half of the album (All Must Be Revealed, Soul Depart and Devil In Me) provides the stand out moments on here.

It’s genuinely good to hear a band who take traditional elements but manage to produce something that sounds unmistakably modern, rather than the myrriad of “old school” wannabes that abound at the moment. Of course it helps that axeman Ole Walaunet is a purveyor of chunky Metal riffs par f’kin excellence. Add that to a locomotive-solid rhythm section and there’s a lot here to like.