Elimination : The Blood Of Titans

Well what can I say? I’d never heard of this band before sticking the album on. One thing I can say though… it’s pretty brutal, reminiscent of  Slayer circa their South Of Heaven era in places. Heavy as lead, hard as tungsten, and more than capable of crushing anyone that stands before it.

The vocals are injected with a lot of gravel and vehemence, and sound almost guttural. That said though although they verge on the shouty side of rock, they don’t venture into the screamy side too much. For me, that’s a huge plus point and they accompany the brutal music perfectly.

Musically the pace is relentless, and you feel as though you’re being bludgeoned to death, but that’s exactly what you want from this kind of album. Who heard of a thrash band that didn’t assault all the senses? It’s thunderous bass lines and screaming axes which, when coupled with the angry vocals, make this album a force to be reckoned with. Let your guard down for a second, and it’ll tear you a new one.

This album takes me back to the glory days of the thrash genre, to when the likes of Exodus, Testament, and of course Slayer were in their heyday. Don’t misread into that though that this album sounds dated in any way, because it certainly doesn’t. It’s just a reminder of how good stuff used to be, and that there’s no reason why it can’t be again.

If you like your Metal served up on a big iron platter, then this is most certainly an album you’d like. Did I like it? Of course I did! Is it good? Again, the answer to that is a resounding yes. Should you buy it? Most definitely. It’s very worthy of you spending your hard earned beer tokens on.

Old school thrash, in a new school way, so let the lesson begin.