CackBlabbath – The Musings Of A Yearling…..

So here we are. I’ve been on the team here at CackBlabbath for just about a year.

There have been highs and lows during that time. We saw the cancellation of Sonisphere 2012, the disbanding of Roadrunner Records UK, witnessed the mudfests that were Download and the Isle Of Wight festivals, the triumphs of Hard Rock Hell and Hammerfest IV and of course our very own Twitrfest 2.

Bands have called it a day, others have reformed.

The music world is never quiet and boring. There’s always something going on if you care to look. That’s why we love doing what we do. There’s always a new band to discover, or new revelations about existing artists. There’s the thrill of stumbling across things you wouldn’t normally give the time of day, and then of course, there’s getting the chance to speak with your heroes one on one. I had one such opportunity earlier this year, when I got to catch up with Joey Tempest for a brief chat. Europe were one of the first rock bands I discovered early on in my musical journey through life, so the chance to speak with Joey was a dream come true.

Another thrill was speaking with Biff Byford, again for the same reasons as above, and these are my personal highlights, but I’ve also been turned on to some really great bands, simply by sticking my name on the review list against some artist that I’ve never heard of. Halestorm is one of the most recent that springs to mind but there have been many others.

All in all though, being able to write about the things I love, is a huge reward in it’s self, and even more so when other people read it, and more importantly like it. I am opinionated at times, and I’m also not afraid of going over the top if I really like something. I’m really happy to keep doing it though, and I’ve no intention of stopping any time soon, so here’s looking forward to another year with CackBlabbath, and to discovering more and more really cool stuff. Of course I have to say a big thank you to Iain, Lé Grande Fromage for giving me the chance to do it. Rock on people \m/