CackBlabbath at Bloodstock Open Air… Iain’s 6 of the best

It’s less than 30 days until Bloodstock Open Air throws open it’s gates for 4 days of the finest rock and metal you could ever hope for. If you’ve never been to BOA then you should really be considering it, and this year would be the perfect introduction.

You see, Bloodstock isn’t quite like any of the other festivals in the UK. It’s more or less devoid of followers of various “scenes” who frequent the bigger alternatives, and the result is an unparalleled party atmosphere. It also helps that everything is on a much more manageable scale…. no half hour walks between stages here…

And no Dance bands either šŸ˜‰

So, who will I be making sure I don’t miss ??… Well the list looks something like this.

No prizes for guessing the announcement that got me most excited. Say what you want about the Big 4, Testament’s last album The Formation Of Damnation pisses all over anything that their “bigger” contemporaries have managed of late (and the follow up Dark Roots Of Earth is every bit as good). There’s no other front man quite like Chuck Billy, and in Alex Skolnick and Erick Peterson they have a twin lead guitar attack that few bands on Earth can match.

To be honest, I thought Testament were the best Thrash band on the planet in 1986, and that hasn’t really changed. It’s going to be brilliant to see them back where they belong, on the big stage playing to a capacity crowd.

Miss it at your peril.

Continuing their inevitable rise up the festival running order, 2010’s unsigned stage headliners Furyon are back, this time showcasing their tight, melodic rock on the Sophie Lancaster stage.

Now (finally) signed and with their debut album Gravitas garnering rave reviews across the globe Furyon are a band who are poised on the brink of great things. They are the perfect festival band, just ask anyone who caught them at High Voltage or Download….

Right, more old school Thrash next….

Now I admit that this next choice could go two ways. I still rate Sanctuary as the best support band I ever saw, and OK it may be 20-odd years since they blew Megadeth off the stage in Edinburgh, but they have the tunes (Refuge Denied is a much underrated classic) and in Warrel Dane they certainly still have the voice.

This was a reunion that I never thought I would see, but the opportunity to hear classics like Battle Angels, Ascension To Destiny and *crosses fingers* White Rabbit one more time is not one I’m going to miss…

Next… something a little more up to date.

When I first started CackBlabbath, Sahil “Demonstealer”, main man of Indian Death Metal merchants Demonic Resurrection, was one of the first people I interviewed. Since then the band have gone from strength to strength, becoming Golden Gods along the way. The Indian metal scene is blossoming, and I reckon that Demonic Resurrection are the band most likely to lead the break through to well deserved global recognition.

This will be my first chance to catch them and, I suspect, they are going to be face-meltingly brilliant.

So where can I be so I don’t have to watch Machine Head then…..

While all the cool kids are off at the main stage going moist, those of us who don’t get what Robb, Phil and co are all about will be spending a down tuned, riff fueled hour in the presence of Orange Goblin. Their last album Eulogy For The Damned was up there with anything they’ve done before and they are always, without exception, brilliant live.

I appreciate this is an appeal that will fall on deaf ears, but go watch Orange Goblin. Support proper, old school, gimmick free British metal.

Right, I did promise you my six of the best, so here’s the last one for now…

My last recommendation is, oddly, for a band that I don’t know that much about. You may want to consider this a bit of a wildcard and not particularly insightful (but if you’re looking for insight you clearly don’t know CackBlabbath very well). When I saw Winterfylleth supporting Primordial in Manchester a few weeks back it’s fair to say they blew me away.

I’m really looking forward to seeing them again, just to see if they are as good as I thought they were… I’m pretty sure that they will not disappoint.

And there you go, the obligatory preview article is done. The brilliant thing about Bloodstock is that in addition to the bands that I pretty much know already that I’m going to like, there are also the uncharted delights of the New Blood stage. BOA are champions of new music, and through the Metal To The Masses competition bands from all over the UK get the opportunity to compete for a slot.

So, after the festival will my top 6 look anything like that list you lust read through ?? Well check back and find out.