Emmins : Vortex

First up, it’s worth mentioning that Mark Emmins is one of the most prolific songwriters I’ve ever come across. Next up, all of the music and lyrics on his albums are done completely on his own. Yep you read that right… he’s basically a one man band that produces some damn good rock music. When I say prolific, I mean prolific. This album has just been released, a mere three months after the previous one.

Musically it’s straight ahead rock with no frills or gimmicks, but that’s understandable given that he’s producing this stuff completely on his own. He does everything from the recording to the mixing and mastering…. everything. This is what allows him to release so many albums. There’s no need to book studio time, no need to spend vast amounts of cash to get something recorded, and no fixed release dates.

Honestly, I was a bit dismissive when I first heard about him but listening to his last album Wolf Star was enough to change that. Vortex is the second album of his that I’ve heard, and it’s another album full of songs that are very personal to the artist. Mark writes about life experiences, or what given emotion he’s going through at the time, or how he feels about whatever situation that presents itself.

What this produces is an album of angst ridden songs, whether they be heartfelt ballads or tracks sticking two fingers up at life in general and saying what he really feels. This adds an honest quality to the music, it makes it believable and that’s exactly what I look for in music.

Vortex is something well worth listening to. It’s not got the huge production budget spent on it that other professionally recorded and mastered records might have, and at times you can tell that. That just adds to the album though, it’s definitely a case of less is more. It’s raw, energetic, and if you give it a chance it’ll reward you handsomely .

It’s only available digitally at present, but it is available from a few download sites. Go on, check it out..