BOA2012 Preview : Interview with Demonic Resurrection

Demonic Resurrection are a band we’ve waited a long time to see live. Bloodstock Open Air will see the UK get it’s first taste of India’s finest musical export, expect the roof to be well and truly blown off the Sophie Stage….

We spoke to Sahil “Demonstealer” about the bands upcoming appearance at the festival.

Since we last spoke a couple of years back, what’s been happening in the Demonic Resurrection Camp ?

Yes it has been a while. Demonic Resurrection for starters underwent a lineup change earlier this year when our long time bassist Husain called it a day and we got in Ashwin Shriyan to do the job. We released a little video note announcing Husain’s departure and Ashwin’s introduction into the band. We also did instrumental video versions of 2 songs from our last album for our youTube channel. ( We also bagged a slot at Bloodstock this year which is much looked forward to.

And you’ve branched out into cookery TV too with Headbanger’s Kitchen ?

I’ve always loved food, even before I got into metal I was into cooking and even had aspirations to be a full time chef when I was younger. I’ve actually had a food blog on facebook for about 3 years before I finally decided to expand that into video recipes which turned into Headbanger’s Kitchen the show where I have been able to do the cooking as well as interviewing metal bands and getting them to taste the food I cook.

And after the last minute cancellation at Sonisphere, you’re finally going to bring your Metal to the UK Masses ?

Yes that was terrible, I mean we were so gutted because it was a huge deal for us and having to cancel it was terrible. However we are glad to finally make it to the UK. Hopefully this year we can give fans a taste of DR and next year do a more extensive tour across UK and Europe.

That whole Visa thing sounded like a nightmare, no such problems this time I hope ?

Yes the UK I’m sorry to say has a terribly expensive and painful process to get a VISA. I mean we have to each basically get a work permit and a UK based sponsorĀ  and then have a certain amount of money in each persons account and if not that then the sponsor has to do something so it’s a rather painstaking process. However this time we tied up all the lose ends, very grateful to Factory Music who have been extremely helpful and are the reason we’ve gotten our VISA now. So we’re coming for sure.

As a Metal fan yourself, I assume you know about Bloodstock, and it’s reputation as the best no bullshit Metal festival ?

I couldn’t have picked a more metal festival than Bloodstock, I mean Testament, Behemoth, Nile, Dimmu Borgir, Iced Earth and bands we’ve been dreaming of catching live since we got into metal.

How exciting is it for a band like Demonic Resurrection to win a slot at Bloodstock ?

Well for starters we didn’t win a slot šŸ™‚Ā  I think we’ve kind of worked and being on Candlelight has definitely helped us and of course my main man Darren Toms from Candlelight who has been extremely helpful in connecting us to the festival promoters.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Indian Metal scene, and it seems to be going from strength to strength. What’s it like to be a part of that ?

It’s a great scene to be a part of, it’s upcoming and we’re seeing it’s evolution right before our eyes and we’re part of that. There are still a lot of problems like distribution and availability of music, lack of venues and touring options. So those thigns really hamper and limit the growth of a band, however I feel in about 20 years time when the potential is realized it will be a HUGE scene.

I appreciate that more “big” western bands are coming to India now, but how does it feel to be sharing a bill with the likes of Testament, Machine Head and Nile ?

It’s an awesome feeling, we’ve been listening to these bands since like 10 years now and to be able to finally watch them live and share the stage with them is a dream come true.

And for anyone undecided about if they should check you out or not, what can we expect from Demonic Resurrection at Bloodstock ?

We’ll you are going to see some serious, ass-kicking metal from India. So get those moshing shoes on.

And, finally, what else do you and the band have planned for the future ?

As soon as we get back from Bloodstock we start writing album number 4. We hope to release it early next year and then get on the road asap and promote the crap out of it.