BOA2012 Preview : Interview with Huron

Bloodstock Open Air is almost upon us, and here at CackBlabbath we can’t bloody wait. We’ve been chatting to some of the bands playing this year’s extravaganza. First up it’s Rohan James, Bass player with Huron.

For anyone unfamiliar with the band, how would you describe yourselves ?

Heavy f*****g metal from the deep south (west) a blend of thrash groove heaviness. Think Down meets Arch Enemy.

Download, Bulldog Bash and now Bloodstock, looks like it’s been quite a couple of month for Huron?

It’s only set to get more busy for us! It was a steep learning curve as nothing can prepare you for performing at such prestigious places such as BOA, DL and Bulldog. On top of this we have just released our 4 track Ep “War Party” which has been well received and due to be reviewed in next months Metal Hammer magazine. We are currently working on its follow up so yeah an extremely busy year for us and it ain’t over yet!

Our management are fantastic we have opportunities passed our way quite frequently some we can do some we can’t but we are already making solid plans for 2013.

How was Download for you guys ?

It was a surreal experience! 3500 people in attendance, we had a fantastic following on the day with fans from Ireland, Wales ..well in fact from all over the UK.

When you walk on stage and the crowd cheers and sing along then mosh and circle pits are going on it makes all the shite times of being in a band worth while. So a big thank you to the crowd at DL 2012 they were just fucking awesome!

You’ve been announced for the New Blood stage at BOA, how did that come about ?

Well before we teamed up with Black Radar management we sent the Mary Celeste album in the the BOA team and they loved it so we were booked off the back of the album.

As Metal fans, how does it feel to be sharing a bill with the likes of Machine Head, Alice Cooper and Testament ?

It’s something we find hard to put into words! Hard Rock Hell, Hammerfest, Hellfire Festival they are all fantastic festivals which we loved playing, but DL and BOA are a step up in quality. You just have to look at the line ups they are both brimming with amazing bands and BOA is probably the best metal festival in Europe and it can only get bigger.

And I’m assuming there’ll be a drink or two consumed after your set ?

And only ever after! We’re gonna want to get off stage and get our drink on with the fans, probably the best memories spawn from those occasions!

Will you be sticking around all weekend ? And if so which of the bands on the BOA bill are you most looking forward to seeing live ?

Well we won’t be on site until Friday evening because we have The Bulldog Bash Festival to play but we will be playing our set and heading up to BOA right after. The bands we are looking forward to are; Testament, Black Dahlia Murder, Nile
and Machine Head

Your new E.P. has been garnering some good reviews. Happy with the reception so far ?

The E.P. reviews to date have been very positive and highlight our new sound. We do however wait anxiously for Metal Hammers verdict which we will get in their August 2012 edition so look out for that!

This E.P. is going to be followed up by a second in September. What was the thinking behind that, rather than just release on Album ?

We decided we needed something out quite quickly and we had 4 tracks ready for the third album so we decided to put them out so people could check out what we had been up to, these tracks will no doubt make the third album.

Writing an album takes a very long time and in the music business if you’re not in the public eye your easily forgotten. As for the follow up its nearly finished and where we are thrilled with “War Party” the follow up is a very dangerous dark animal indeed.

There are rumours of “a new direction”, How has the band’s sound evolved since Mary Celeste ?

It’s evolved with new members myself (Rohan James) bass and Rimmy Sinclair – guitar , both of us were in a death metal band so we bring this modern hard sound to Huron who already had this groove/thrash sound

The band have embraced what we have brought to the table, it’s different than what anybody is doing here in the UK but we believe it’s the way forward for Huron. We wouldn’t be happy if we were not progressive and pushing ourselves.

Sales pitch time, what can the Metal Masses at BOA expect from Huron ?

The Metal Masses can expect a show that rivals the energies witnessed during the rise of thrash in the 80s. Its gonna be brutal, fast paced and in your face groove, melodic thrash metal!

Huron are in the business of making new fans but we won’t be taking any prisoners on the day.