BOA2012 Preview : Interview with Absolva

Fury UK were poised on the verge of breaking through to the next level, a ridiculously good live band they worked incredibly hard to build up a massive following. Although the departure of Luke Appleton to Iced Earth meant the band going into “extended hiatus”, Chris and Martin are back with a new band, Absolva. CackBlabbath spoke to them to find out about this new British Metal Powerhouse.

For a “new” band, SOS Festival, Dates with Iced Earth and then Bloodstock, not a bad way to start off ?

Absolutely! Absolva, is not a band which is gonna start from ground level up. We’re starting at a high level and getting higher. We’ve put so much hard work into writing, rehearsing, and getting the band up to a high standard very quickly. It’s been a great challenge, and we cannot wait.

How strange will it be, being on stage without Luke standing to your left ?

It will be very strange, but I’ve accepted it now. He’s moved on. Not just moved on to ‘a band’, moved to his favorite band of all time ‘Iced Earth’. You could write a book about Luke’s life, and it would be amazing. I’m very proud of him.

I guess Iced Earth was just the proverbial “too good to turn down” offer ?

As I said before, as well as being a fantastic high level band to join, with a long standing fan base, its his favorite band of all time. Have you ever seen the film Rockstar?

Having built up a formidable reputation live with Fury UK, did you ever consider getting a new Bassist and keeping the momentum that FUK were building ?

I did yeah. But in the end It wasn’t the right thing to do. The fans out there liked Fury UK as being this unstoppable power trio, and the trio was Myself, Luke & Martin. We’ve been through a lot together, and to get someone in to fill that gap in a very close small family wouldn’t be right. A new page, and fresh start was what I wanted.

Back to Absolva, The new album is out in October. Not hanging about then ?

I cannot sit about with anything in my life, everything is 100mph. I actually started writing the material the day after I found our Luke had joined Iced Earth.

What do you think that Tom and Dan bring to the Absolva party ?

Tom Atkinson, was easy to find. We’ve been friends along time, and being a guitarist myself, I’m friends with alot of guitar players. Out of all of them ‘Aki’, is the one that shines the most. As he has technical ability, but he has the feel. Plus you need to be someone that is a team player. Someone who isn’t afraid of hard work, and total dedication. Also someone who I’m gonna want to smack by the end of a tour. Aki is a great guitar player, and great guy. He brings the dimension of twin guitars to this British Metal powerhouse.

Dan Bate, on the other hand. Was not so easy find. In fact bassist, in general was not easy. We auditioned a few guys, we had countless emails, but nobody really gelled musically, or if they did, they were not up for the dedication & character. I had already met Dan at a Fury UK show, and shortly after the news broke out about Luke leaving Dan emailed me applying for audition. He arrived, he had nailed all the songs, he looks the part, tall, with ridiculously long curly hair and with such a quiet but confident character. Dedication. I could just tell he wanted to be involved with something like this. He got the job! He completes the British Metal Powerhouse.

And how would you describe Absolva’s sound ?

When I decided I wanted a new project I wanted to go heavy. But in a proper full on, British Metal style, with some European & USA elements. But the main bands we take influence from are :
Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept, Megadeth, Thin Lizzy.

A full on metal assault, with twin lead guitars, lots of solos, and catchy choruses you can chant at any worldwide metal festival.

You and Martin played some pretty big festivals with Fury UK, how does Bloodstock compare ?

Bloodstock is one of my favorite UK festivals. It captures the family attitude of a small festival, but still has the scale to stand up alongside any of the other major festivals.

Will you be staying around all weekend ? If so which bands are you most looking forward to catching ?

We’ll be sticking around most of the weekend. Iced Earth obviously, really looking forward to Dio’s Disciples. Testament, Alice Cooper.

Sales pitch time, with three stages to choose from, why should people come and check out Absolva ?

Absolva, is at the front of the Modern Wave of British Heavy Metal. We’re so determined and ridiculously hungry. It’s something that is often said, but really its something not to be missed!