BOA2012 Preview : Interview with Dreamcatcher

Making the short trip from Leeds to BOA, DreamCatcher are a band hotly tipped to break out from the local scene and rise to national prominence. Ahead of their appearance at BOA CackBlabbath spoke to the band to get their thoughts on their busy weekend at Bloodstock.

Easy one to start off, can you fill us in on a little of the band’s history ? How did you guys get together ?

Well I guess the first proto-incarnation of the band started with myself [Alex/Guitars] and the drummer Rossi playing together back in our high school days about 6 years ago, we’ve always played together as musicians as we were the only guys who really wanted to take it seriously but then as the band started getting members in and changing line ups we started getting closer to the DREAMCATCHER you see today. I think though that the moment we really thought to ourselves “We’ve got ourselves a real band now…” was when our bassist [Matt] joined around 2 years ago and the line-up felt complete. The music we were writing started sounding genuine and the live sound when we were playing together just felt right and since then we’ve been working hard to get where we are now, and the hard work hasn’t even started!

And a slightly less easy one, how would you describe the DreamCatcher sound?

[Ross/Drums]The sound is almost impossible fоr us to define as a genre. This sounds ridiculously cliché when most bands say it but I think for DreamCatcher it is true. We try to write what we want and what we’re feeling feel at the time, our influences are so varied and forever expanding and we feel the need to incorporate all of it. It is all part of the journey for this band and that purity is something that seems to becoming rarer and rarer these days in the age where some bands think they need to have a gimmick or imitate successful artist.

You’ve been getting loads of great press of late, are you pleased with the response that you’ve received so far ?

[Ross] The press has been brilliant and It makes us really proud to think about who has reviewed and praised our work (including a few of our own heroes!)
[Matt] The reactions we have received have been incredible and we are very grateful for all the support and positive reviews we have been getting. We always do everything with an open and honest approach which is something that seems to becoming less important for bands in recent times. Hopefully this is one of the reasons why we are getting good responses. We will never change or ignore the value we have of our music and our fans and we will always do what we feel is right for the music, and more importantly have fun.

Leeds has a load of great bands emerging at the moment, apart from you guys, is there anyone else we should be looking out for ?

[Alex] You’re right! The scene here in Leeds is pretty fantastic and the best thing about it is the underground rock community here. Band wise I think you should be keeping your eyes on our buds in spandex-clad hard rockers; Chasing Dragons and some old friends of ours who we haven’t seen in a while; Book Of Job who are doing quite well from what we’e heard well. They’re both full of attitude, talent and even better yet; great music!

Right, on to Bloodstock. You guys are going to have a busy weekend, an Acoustic show on Saturday then going all Metal on the New Blood stage on the Sunday ?

[Matt] Yes, Bloodstock is going to be a particularly busy period for the band. The two performances demand very different treatments of the songs, which is both very exciting and very challenging. We are very fortunate that we get to show the fans and potential new audiences two very different experiences, but we can guarantee that both performances will be full of energy and emotion which will aim to blow the audience away! It also allows us to show that ours songs have several layers of emotion and detail to them which can be explored in both the bombastic heavy shows and the more bespoke acoustic sessions.

That mean you’re going to have a quiet and reserved Saturday night then ?

[Matt] There are no quiet and reserved nights in DreamCatcher!
[Alex] Ha, Matt is right there. We will be making sure we can perform to the best of our ability and do the music justice when we need to bring it, but you may catch us by the bar enjoying a Jäger or two on the Sunday night!

As an up-and-coming metal band, how does it feel to be playing something with the history of Bloodstock ?

[Ross] Since we went to the second outdoor festival it has been pretty much a life-long goal to be playing BOA, so to be playing just a few years after is something that hasn’t really sunk in yet. I am sure we will all freak out once we are waiting to hit the stage!! Playing the same day as our heroes in Dimmu Borgir is such a big deal to us.

I am definitely looking forward to seeing Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir and Sepultura.

[Alex] Like Ross says there, it’s always been on our list of ‘things-that-have-to-happen’ to be playing Bloodstock. All of us in DreamCatcher have such and incredible admiration for the festival and it’s organisers and their commitment to bringing together all the bands that rarely get a chance to play in the UK, especially when some of the festivals can be so tied down by what’s popular at the moment. You probably won’t find a lot of the Bloodstock bands on TV channels or Radio and if anything, that makes it even more special to be there with all the family that gets made around all these bands that are pretty much for the few, the proud and the metal. To be counted as a Bloodstock band now is still pretty much unreal!

And has the thought you’ll be sharing a bill with the likes of Testament, Behemoth and Alice Cooper sunk in yet ?

[Adele/Keyboards] Not at all! When you’ve taken a band all the way from the ground up, from being kids in high school, through the hard times and through the completely embarrassing times now that we look back on them all the way to being invited to play the festival as part of the first 7 bands in the UK to be chosen for the stage is unreal! All I’m really feeling right now is a healthy amount of pride in all of us for sticking it out and not giving up though I’m pretty certain when the guys in Dimmu Borgir, Alice Cooper or Iced Earth walk by we all might start freaking out. On the inside, of course, whilst maintaining perfect external composure!.

As you’re going to be about all weekend, which bands are you particularly looking forward to seeing play?

[Lukas/Vocals] I think I can speak for everyone in saying that the highlights are definitely gonna be Iced Earth, Freedom Call, Dimmu Borgir, Alice Cooper, Sepultura, Behemoth, Mayhem and the Dio Disciples on the mainstage and we’ll probably head over to the Sophie Lancaster stage to see our friends in Pythia bring the thunder too!

And finally, sales pitch time. With three stages to choose from, why should the Metal Masses come check out DreamCatcher?

[Ben/Guitars] With the incredible diversity of bands to go see at Bloodstock we definitely understand how difficult it can be to timetable who you might want to see, but If we’re pitching then I’ll put it on the line that the brothers and sisters of metal there should be coming to see DreamCatcher because we always put 110% into our performances whether we’re playing to 5 people or 5000, and that’s what any band should be doing, bringing everything you have to your set and walking off stage with barely enough to pack up the gear, because we’ve given it all out to the audience. If they’ve taken the time to come see us we’re going to damn well make sure that they enjoy every second.

To sum up why the Metal Masses should be there in the New Blood Stage tent on the sunday for our show; Because it’s near unmissable.