BOA2012 Preview : Interview with Savage Messiah

Another day closer to BOA 2012, and here at CackBlabbath the excitement is reaching fever pitch… this is definitely shaping up to be one of the best festival line ups we’ve seen… We spoke to Savage Messiah ahead of their appearance at the festival.

Silly question to start off with, but I guess you’re looking forward to Bloodstock ?

Ya damn right! It’s gonna be killer! It’s a real honour to be part of such a cool line up too!”

Be a bit different to playing Scruffy Murphys then ?

Ha ha! Scruffys was a cool place man! Met some cool people there.”

After the summer we’ve had so far, the bonus is that playing the Sophie tent means that the weather doesn’t matter as much ?

There is that yeah. Plus its all dark in there which is cool. Been keeping an eye on the weather forecasts for that weekend and hopefully (touch wood) it’ll be fine.

2012 so far has been a good year for the band, but appearing on the Sophie stage at BOA must be pretty damn near the highlight ?

We’re really fired up about it! A real honour to play on a stage that stands for so much too!

What else has stood out for you in the past 12 months ?

Hammerfest was cool! FortaRock in Holland was amazing! Hanging out back stage Devin Townsend and Lamb of God… FREE BAR…Happy days!!! Ha ha!

As Metal fans yourselves, how does it feel to be sharing a bill with the likes of Testament, Machine Head and Iced Earth ?

It’s amazing! When I was a kid jamming along to Practice what you preach… I never would have thought I’d be playing a killer metal festival with Testament! Bloodstock… Where heavy metal dreams come true, ha ha!

Will you be sticking around all weekend,  what other bands on the bill are you most looking forward to catching ?

Most definitely! If  I don’t come home aching, stinking, pissed and covered in fake blood and Jagermeister then I know I haven’t done Bloodstock properly! The line up is killer so it wont matter which way I stagger, I’ll find something cool.”

It’s a good time for Heavy Metal, the big names are still delivering the goods and there’s a whole raft of younger bands breaking through. How do you guys view the Metal scene at the moment ?

It’s quite a good time for the metal scene. Lots of raw energy around bands, old and new. The futures bright… The future is METAAAAL!!

And finally, sales pitch time. With three stages to chose from, why should the Metal Masses come and check out Savage Messiah ?

Don’t just stand there gawping and scratching ya balls! Come check out Savage Messiah on the Saturday morning! I swear… WE WILL SLAY YOU WHERE YOU FUCKIN STAND!!!