Beermageddon 2012 Friday

Beermageddon 2012 by CackBlabbathBeermageddon it the UK’s newest Metal festival, put on by those nice Sonic Rock Solstice people and hosted by Top Rock Radio’s Jim Beerman. Now given the current economic climate, it’s a brave thing to try but in the best “if you put it on, they will come” spirit the organisers assembled a stellar array of bands, kept the ticket prices reasonable…. and promptly sold out.

I was supposed to be going to all three days of the extravaganza, Imperial Vengeance and Def-Con-One were sure to be awesome headliners on the other days.

Unfortunately I was off to Belgium bright and early on the Saturday, but that still left enough time to catch the Friday evening’s entertainment. The joys of being self employed eh ??

Beermageddon 2012 by CackBlabbathBy the time I arrived Fable For The Furious were getting the Beermageddon party into full swing. The atmosphere was building nicely, until the power tripped. The impromptu drum solo kept the crowd entertained until someone put another 50p in the electricity meter. Once the power was restored the band wasted no time in getting things cranked back up to 11, shaking the foundations with an energetic cover of The Misfits’ Last Caress.

There is no shortage of killer Metal bands in the UK at the moment, but on the basis of this performance FftF deserve to be included in that roll call.

Tonight was party night, and between bands burlesque starlet Kitty Liquor kept the crowd entertained. I suppose with a name like that a career in Burlesque was always on the cards, and her first performance of the evening was well received… Especially the men of a *cough* certain age. Eh Mr Beerman šŸ™‚

Beermageddon 2012 by CackBlabbathThe next band were Fell On Black Days, proper angry shouty metal. The band were a guitarist down but they tried not to let that get in the way of their performance, and it certainly didn’t impact on their interaction with the crowd, more gigs should include impromptu Welsh lessons šŸ™‚ These guys were a new one on me but they were brilliant, tracks like Tooth and Nail getting everything moving and nicely warmed up for the robot dancing to come. Don’t recall a crowd ever being called “fooking lovely” before though….

Great band, go check ’em out.

Beermageddon 2012 by CackBlabbathThe atmosphere in the hall was brilliant, devoid of any scene bullshit. It was a crowd that represented the entire breadth of the rock fraternity and united by one thing, a love of all things Heavy and Metal. Judging by the smile on Jim Beerman’s face he was enjoying it as much as anyone.

Kitty’s second show of the evening featured a certain Mr. Beerman as special guest. Fortunately he kept his clothes on šŸ™‚

After that Jim went missing, rumours spread that he’s overheated during his time on stage with Kitty and had had to go for a lie down. But he arrived back, in a robot costume, more or less in time to introduce tonight’s headline band.

Now there are some bands that almost no one has a bad word to say about (well, we’ll ignore a certain Bloodstock review in Metal Hammer, obviously written by someone who clearly wasn’t paying attention)..

The arrival of cardboard box and tinfoil robot heads, and girls dressed up like 60s b-movie Sci-Fi extras can only mean one thing… it’s Evil Scarecrow time !!

Beermageddon 2012 by CackBlabbath

Parody or not, there’s no denying that Evil Scarecrow can write a mean Metal song, set opener 66 minutes past 6 being a prime example. The whole “parody metal” thing only works if the band can actually write and can actually play. Bands like Steel Panther and Evil Scarecrow areĀ  popular because first and foremost they are great Metal bands. The extra stuff is, well, extra but it’s all built on that solid musical foundation.

And I’m pretty sure no one else could make setting up the on-stage monitors during the set so entertaining. I hope their Monitor mix jam, the catchy ditty Louder makes it onto the next album :-).

Beermageddon 2012 by CackBlabbathEvil Scarecrow invited the crowd to join them on an emotional roller-coaster from the lowest lows of their gothic masterpiece Blacken The Everything (so harrowing for the poor band to play, so much anguish. Just look at poor Brother Pain). Fortunately they then raise the spirits back up with to the heaviest, erm, cartoon theme ever written… Thundercats.

This is a show that it’s almost impossible not to enjoy, and the capacity crowd were certainly having a great time.

Honestly, I think Evil Scarecrow could just about be the ultimate festival band…

All too soon it was time for the last song of the evening, but we knew who to take it out on.. “We’ve reached our last song of the evening, let me hear you say Dr Hell’s a wanker !!”. And what would that last song be ?? Well what else other than the song that Evil Scarecrow (and their fans) never get tired of, Robototron. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a room full of gnarly metalheads doing the Robototron dance and making their own robotically perfect squares.

We. Want. More !!!!!

Beermageddon 2012 by CackBlabbathFor anyone who has seen the band before, the encore would come as no surprise. If you thought the robot dance was an excuse to look silly, well the heavy metal can-can that accompanies The Final Countdown runs it close. Apparently no crowd had managed to keep the can-can up throughout the entire song, most have given up / collapsed by the Solo but tonight I’m pretty sure there were some hardy (read mental) souls still going when the song finished.

Good luck to the weekend’s other headliners topping THAT.

80s cartoon themes, the Librarian, readings from the book of doom, party popper pyrotechnics and, of course, Robototron.

There is no one quite like Evil Scarecrow.

Beermageddon was one of the festivals of the year, well organised, well run, a great crowd and some fantastic bands. It’ll be back in 2013 so make sure you add it to your gig planner as it’s sure to keep on getting bigger and better.