David J Caron : Thru Never-Ending Black

Another day, another impressive release to arrive at CackBlabbath from across the Irish Sea. Thru Never-Ending Black is the debut album from Writer / Musician / Producer / all round musical smart-arse David J Caron. David is an annoyingly talented chap writing, performing and producing the 27 tracks that go to make up this double CD. For a debut release it’s a colossal (and brave) effort, but one which is pulled off admirably.

This is good old melodic rock’n’roll with a modern, intellignet twist. In overall feel it’s what, back in the 80’s, you would have called it stadium rock… it certainly has that “big” feel, topped off with some impressive hooks and proper fist in the air sing-along choruses. Everything is so well executed too, there are a load of one-man bands who fit into the “jack of all trades, master of none” category, but that’s not the case here. Everything is kept straightforward and accessible, and the end result is all the better for it.

David has clearly spent a great deal of time getting the album exactly the way he wanted it to, and it shows. I guess that’s the result of having complete control of the project, an unerring artistic vision of what he was setting out to achieve and a minute attention to detail that manifests itself in every aspect of the work.

The great thing about this album is that, for all it’s familiar feel, it manages to remain distinctive. All the ingredients may be familiar… a classic guitar sound, excellent vocals and crisp production, but everything is blended to make a classic melodic rock album with a distinctive, modern twist. I always hesitate to use the word Progressive in reviews as it’s become so overused as to become meaningless but this undeniably has a progressive edge, almost Rush-esque in feel if not execution.

Although the quality on here is consistently high, there are (for me) some truly outstanding moments, I particularly love the title track with its sci-fi inspired lyrics and energetic, up-tempo feel. Another highlight is The One, which grabbed me the first time I heard it with it’s huge AOR vibe. Great stuff.

As I said back at the start of this review, releasing an 27 track double CD as your debut album is a brave move. When I first approached Thru Never Ending Black I was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough ideas to cover a hefty two and a half hours, but there’s certainly enough of interest to keep things from getting dull, although I do think that the length may put some people off, and I can’t help feeling that if you picked some of the outstanding tracks from this double CD you’d have a truly stunning single album.

Only problem would be deciding what to leave out…..

I suppose that’s a good problem to have šŸ™‚