Van Susans : Paused In The Moment

This was another one of those albums from nowhere. I was asked if I’d be up for giving it a listen and, after reading the press release, it sounded quite interesting so I said I’d give it a go. I’m actually very glad that I did. The first thought that sprang to mind, from the moment it started playing in fact, was that they remind me a lot of The Levellers. Not in such a way that they copy them, but it’s more because of their overall style.

The songs, even though they have some thought provoking lyrics, sound lively and energetic. They’re quirky, upbeat, and here and there you’ll find yourself smiling as you listen, there are certainly some quite amusing moments. The vocalist sometimes made me think of a male version of Lily Allen although that’s probably a little unfair. It’s only because of the vocal phrasing, and as I said, it’s just occasionally.

Also going in their favour are the massive choruses, that you will find yourself singing along to way before you’ve even realised you’re doing it. There’s nothing heavy on this album, and it could only be described as radio friendly rock music, but it’s great stuff none the less. It doesn’t quite venture into pop territory for the most part, and that for me is just adding to the plus points. This album is a collection of catchy tunes, some pretty cool lyrics, and just the right amount of cheeky charm to keep you coming back again and again. Musically it bounces along nicely, and has that ‘feel good’ factor about it.

Stick this album in your CD player, sit back and enjoy the ride, because these guys have made an album that stands out in  the crowd. It’s lively, it’s groovy, and more importantly, it’s a whole heap of fun. This is something well worth your time checking out.