Cyanide Later and Martyr de Mona Live at the Pit and Pendulum

The Pit and Pendulum in Nottingham is rapidly establishing itself as a regular stop for bands out and about plying their trade in the UK scene. Over the past few months bigger and bigger crowds have packed the pub to see some of the very best of Britain’s live talent.

The most recent weekly installment saw me heading down the M1 to catch three bands I’d not previously seen live, but given the quality of the talent that event promoter Ebony B invariably assembles I knew I was in for a good night.

First up were Stratford Upon Avon’s Cyanide Later. Well don’t let the name put you off, as these guys undeniably have something special about them. Musically it’s fairly straight down the line Rock’n’Roll served with oodles of energy. The band formed in 2011, and although their set did seemto have a few pauses in it (changing guitars and that sort of thing) which broke up the flow a bit the crowd didn’t seem to mind and gave the band a fittingly warm reception.

Maybe new boy Pete should learn the song titles though, there was a moment of humour as he filled in one of the gaps in the set, introducing a track down on the setlist as “Foos”…. Turns out that’s not actually what it’s called, it’s untitled at the moment, but as the band ripped into it you can see where it got its “working title” from šŸ™‚

Cyanide Later are definitely ones to watch, I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more from these guys in the future.

The next band on was SUPPOSED to be Grey Goes Down who I was looking forward to seeing, but unfortunately they pulled out…. at 10:30 on the day of the gig…. by Email. Apparently they didn’t have amps, and two of them were ill. Obviously too ill to phone Ebony B and speak to her in person.

I’m guessing they’re not going to be invited back…


Tonight’s headliners were a band I had a vested interest in seeing, as certain factions within the CackBlabbath organisation have been pushing for them to be included in our own Twitrfest. Well as soon as Martyr de Mona took to the stage it was immediately apparent what all the fuss is about.

Martyr de Mona have had a complicated old time of it recently, but things are now well and truly back on track and they proceeded to blow everyone away with some good, honest to goodness grunge infused heavy metal. Nothing like a spot of Thursday evening headbanging to make Friday mornings “interesting” at work though…

Honestly, what is it with the Black Country and awesome live bands ????

And so another excellent night in the Pit drew to a close. If you get the chance you really should try and get down there. Quite apart from all that “supporting live music” stuff, it’s a bloody good night out. Free entry and cheap beer to boot šŸ˜‰

If you are going to go I suggest you make it this week, as the place may not be there next week after Achren and Derision have finished with it…