Royal Republic : Save The Nation

Royal Republic’s 2011 debut album We Are The Royal was a firm favourite here at CackBlabbath. There’s a lot to be said for no-nonsense, no-fucking-about straight down the line Rock’n’Roll. It may not have been particularly original, and it may not have been particularly sophisticated, but it was brilliantly done, and got itself lodged in your head and just refused to bugger off….

Well fast forward and the follow up, entitled Save The Nation is upon us. So can we expect a shift in musical style, are Royal Republic going to branch out in new directions ??

Nooooooo, Course they’re not, they’re going to do what they do best and deliver EXACTLY what their fans want, and hopefully draw in a whole load of new ones too with their slightly bonkers “Danko Jones meets Eastern European punk” rock’n’roll.

Proceedings kick off with the title track Save The Nation, another one of those immediately memorable songs which shows that, like it’s predecessor, this is an album that is going to take up residence in your brain and not move out. Tie that up with smart, often amusing, lyrics and a desire not to take things too seriously and you have a winning combination. Track titles like Make Love Not War (If You Have To Make War Make Sure To Make Time To Make Love In between) and Everybody Wants To Be An Astronaut demonstrate the band’s quirky attitude that manifests itself in the music too, hell there’s even a musical box at the start of Sailing Man.

Yeah, quirky, that’s the word. Sometimes it’s fairly straight down the line, and others it’s got just a touch of madness about it. Lyrics like “I’m a dick, dick, dicted to you, you’re a dick, dick, dicted to me” (in Addictive) just go to highlight this side of the band’s personality. They even managed to raise a proper laugh with the unexpected, and utterly mental, This Means War which closes the album. I won’t spoil the surprise for you but I pretty much guarantee you’ll do a double take šŸ™‚

With 13 songs in 33 minutes you know you’re not going to be getting any sweeping epics on here, but Royal Republic leave that to others. Instead you get a series of short sharp adrenaline kicks that keep things rocking along at a fair old pace. It’s not often I can wholeheartedly recommend an album as being something (almost) everyone will enjoy, but if you’re looking for some young, dumb and full of… erm… fun rock’n’roll you could do a lot worse than Royal Republic.

They may not save the nation, but they’ll certainly make your bit of it a bit happier for half an hour.