Satan’s Wrath : Galloping Blasphemy

Right: pop quiz time. Guess what this record is about then, kids?

Right, first time. Pat yourself on the back.

Satan…… By the bucketload.

Satan’s Wrath, a Greek two piece led by the insanely tattooed Taz Donazoglou have clearly been spending a lot of time listening to old Venom and Possessed records if their upbeat and oddly charming record is anything to go by. I use the word “charming” advisedly as this remains, resolutely at times, a crash course in the darker and more sinister end of metal, but it has a sardonic wit and a thoroughly agreeable 1980s vibe throughout the record that never outstays its welcome.

Like Possessed and Venom before them, on Galloping Blasphemy Satan’s Wrath deliver a solid and unremitting, well, gallop of a record. There’s much to like in tunes like Between Belial and Satan and Death Possessed and anyone who doesn’t think that a song called One Thousand Goats in Sodom is not one of the titles of the heavy metal year then you seriously need to have a word with yourself. As you might expect, a lot of this you will be awfully familiar with and, if there’s any criticism of the record, it’s that it is fairly pony of the one trick variety; it’s a fairly decent trick though.

Galloping Blasphemy is infected by the echoes and shadows of 1980’s NWOBHM and a bit of an obsession with Venom. Neither of these are bad things of course: far from it. But there’s a bit more to their oeuvre than a simple cut and paste pastiche. Lead vocalist and group leader Donazoglou has a thoroughly evil growl that is reminiscent of Tom G Warrior at his gnarliest but the band are struck through with a strong passion and a studied intent.

It’s evident that they are serious about their music but its also clear that Donazoglou has his tongue firmly embedded in his cheek. The Satanic imagery and lyrics just seem entirely apposite for this type of music rather than this being some treatise on the joys of Lucifer. If you’re looking to Satan’s Wrath as the next thing to worry the neighbours then you are going to be sorely disappointed. As the next thing to put on your stereo/laptop (delete as you prefer) before heading out on a Saturday night, it does the job quite nicely thank you. This isn’t a record to take too seriously but it is seriously good fun.

I’m off for a pint of goat’s blood.