The Procession : You Are Now Leaving The Future

My first question when this dropped in my lap was “who?” as I’d never heard of them (although I get that a LOT recently), so as is normally the case, I didn’t bother to read the press release, did no research, and just stuck the CD in and hung on…

Doing it that way makes pretty much anything that comes out of your speakers unexpected. In terms of music, this is quite a spacey affair. Not in the trippy sense like Hawkwind, but far enough “out there” to be a little off the wall. I guess the weirdest thing for me to deal with, were the vocals. Not in a bad way, but they’re similar to Marc Almond in places, and I found myself thinking of Soft Cell quite a lot. The music of course is a bit more guitar orientated than the electronica of those giants from the eighties. The thing is though, it really works well, and quite honestly makes for some very interesting listening.

This was a surprise to me actually as when I heard the first track I thought that I wasn’t going to like it. That said though, I persevered, and it grew on me, rather a lot in fact. By the third track I was really into it, and found myself getting drawn in to their world. It’s not all spaced out either, there are some genuine indie rock tracks with some crunching guitar work and some awesome bass lines.

This is an album full of quality tunes that aren’t in any way offensive to the senses. It can be a little “far out” for some tastes I would imagine, but if you can get past that then you’re in for a rewarding experience. Listening to this is enjoyable, and not heavy going in the slightest. I think the best quality of all though is that it provides an escape pod to get away from the world for a while, to just chill out and enjoy some great music. It may be a little different to what you’re used to, and it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, bit personally, I think you should at least check it out.

Who knows? You may be just as surprised as I was…..