The Prophets Of Addiction : Babylon Boulevard

Who? I hear you ask. Well that was my reaction when this CD popped through my letterbox. I do try to listen to everything I get, although it seems these days that is getting increasingly difficult. Enough about me though, that’s not why you’re reading is it? What about the album?

Babylon Boulevard is for the want of another description, one of the lowest dirtiest places on the planet. It’s full of grimy guitar, whiskey soaked vocals, and filthy beats. This is rock music straight from the gutter, but boy is it good. I like the dirty sound and it’s made for those dark, dingy clubs where once upon a time you couldn’t see the stage further back than the first few rows due to the cigarette smoke.

Do you remember those days?

The band are a mix of sleaze rock and punk, and it’s a crossover that works really well, due to the similarities between the two genres. This is an album full of tracks injected with attitude and vehemence. It’ll spit in your face, remove your spleen with a rusty knife, then shove a pineapple up your ass, and for no other reason than for the fun of it. I like this kind of music though, it has the essence of fun about it. Even when the band are launching into a vicious attack on a chosen target, it’s done in such a way that you want to join in. Ok I guess ‘fun’ is the wrong word, but this record will certainly make you want to participate in some way or another.

After listening to these guys, you would half expect to find them after a gig in the gutter in a drunken stupor. The music though is really good, and so are the vocals. It’s a complete package and it transports you away from wherever you are to somewhere entirely different where you can order Jack Daniels for free and smoke 50 cigarettes without being thrown out… and blind yourself when you walk back out into daylight.

Rock music is as much about feeling, as it is about music, and this album just made me feel REALLY good, and for that reason I absolutely love it. Give it a listen, because it’s well worth your time seeking out.