Monuments Live at The Well, Leeds

Monuments Live at The Well by CackBlabbathLondon 5-piece Monuments are at the forefront of the UK tech-metal scene. We caught them a while back at their (then) label Basick’s birthday gig in Luton and now, two years on, were keen to see how the band had developed. Their debut album Gnosis, which came out a couple of months ago, certainly hinted at great things….

Now I know that anything labelled “tech” is automatically going to conjure up a certain set of ideas in your head, and although Monuments are definitely ‘tech”, they are a whole lot more beside.

Judging by the way that The Well filled up there were a load of people here to catch this band, and no one could POSSIBLY have gone away disappointed.

Monuments Live at The Well by CackBlabbathNow to me many of these bands are, frankly, a bit soulless on stage. All clever key changes and odd time signatures but no real depth and no real feeling that they’ll be remembered long after the current “djent” fashions change. Well based on tonight’s performance Monuments have insured themselves against that through the simple expedient of being a killer live band. New(ish) frontman Matt Rose was a revelation. Maybe it’s his not-mehtulz background, maybe it’s the genuine connection he has with the audience, but whatever it is he certainly has that “something” that separates the great frontmen from the rest.

Much as I love an old-school guitar hero, tonight belonged to Monuments. Set aside any pre-conceived “tech” ideas you may have, on the strength of tonight’s performance they don’t do the band justice at all.

If you get the chance to go see ’em live, grab it.